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Scheduled task didn't run

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    I can't say for sure. I haven't been monitoring it everyday. In this case, I was expecting the Auto RP, so I just looked to see if it happened. I don't know for sure when it is "supposed" to run, I was assuming that it was everyday. There is a History field on the sched. task screen, but it is disabled, and I don't know how or if I can turn it on. That would be handy to have turned on, but this is all just kind of academic anyway. I don't have a real problem.

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    Well, there is that field where it says when it ran last and what the result was.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffL View Post

    I'll mark this as solved, my only question is, why didn't the SR scheduled task run yesterday? Isn't it suppose to run every day? That was my primary question. I learned about the 7 day rule a couple of months ago. If the task had run yesterday, I think the restore point would have been created yesterday.
    Mmmm... I thought I've explained this already in the posts above. Let me try to put it differently, but refer to the links in post 6 for details.

    1. Automatic Maintenance (AM) task is scheduled to run every day. It doesn't mean it runs every day, because your PC may be turned off or it may not be idle at the scheduled time. In these cases AM runs during the next idle period.

    2. SR task is not scheduled to run every day, and it's obvious from your screenshots. It is scheduled to run when AM runs, and it must be triggered by AM.

    The algorithm is: AM task runs > triggers SR task > the 7-day rule kicks in.

    If it's still not clear, I'll rest my case and you'll just have to accept that this is how Windows works or wait for somebody to explain this better :))

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    I appreciate your explainations, and I'm sorry if I tried you patience I've been aware of and understand all the points you made. It's just hard to imagine, that sometime during the day (between 8AM and 10PM), there was not an idle period for the AM task to run. I'm away from the keyboard most of the day.
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    Jeff, no need to apologize. As long as we've established that everything works as expected AND there's an explanation for why it works that way
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    I have a similar problem, except that Wamp64 is in the STARTUP. It will not fire when then computer is rebooted. Clicking on the icon works fine though.. Anyone with a similar problem?
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Scheduled task didn't run
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