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Windows 8 App (Modern Interface) updates: best practice

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    Windows 8 App (Modern Interface) updates: best practice


    this is somethig i do not get, and relly do not like how it seems to work:

    what i would like to achieve is

    1) in first instance:

    to update *all the system* at a time, so far what it seems to me now it's like i have to manage two
    operating systems one on the desktop side and one on the app modern interface side

    2) if point one is not possible, as now i assume because did not found a way to do that, in 2nd instance

    stop the metro operating system willing to reinstall all the apps i removed, this happens to me at every update;
    for example if i removed: games, sport, meteo etc. that i don't need, at every calendar update all the previously
    removed are checked for install and i have to remove manually this selection trying to remember if that app was keeped or not !!
    WW.TT.FF (sorry) do you want me to go insane with this? This is really what i call the system getting in my way :-(

    overall i really like windows 8 but this really p***s me off a lot and hope someone know how to "fix" this

    3) otherwise i'm going to ignore the metro installing classic shell, so in 3rd instance:

    is classic shell mature and stable for a working environment or do i put my system at risk,
    my normal policy is to install the less programs i can to avoid uneeded issues

    hope this is clear, thanks a lot,


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    I've used Classic Shell for months without any problems from it.

    And I've never heard of anyone complain about it.
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Windows 8 App (Modern Interface) updates: best practice
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