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Boot problems after merging C and D drive

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    Boot problems after merging C and D drive

    My hard disk was divided in 7 partitions
    named C, D, E, F, G, H, I.... Partition C
    had windows 8 installed and partition D
    had windows 7 installed...
    1 week back, i merged partition C and D
    using EaseUS partition manager....It had
    some problem but after restart i was
    able to boot into windows 8 and the two
    drivers were merged...However there
    was a problem.. System was taking too
    much time on a blank screen (approx. 5
    mins) before loading boot screen of
    windows 8...

    I thought of doing a clean installation of
    windows 8...So i inserted my Windows 8
    DVD and started the boot process..But I
    was unable to install..It was showing
    some error (don't rembr exactly what
    error was)...I tried again and again bt
    was facing the same error..

    I resplitted my drive C into two
    partitions (as they were before) and this
    time the error was gone and I was able
    to format and install windows 8...

    I installed motherboard drivers, but now
    there were 2 problems..The system was
    not shutting down..So in order to turn it
    off, i had to turn off the UPS....and i
    was unable to copy some files from
    drive C to any other drive..It was
    showing cyclic redundancy error....

    Today morning i turned up my PC and it
    showed "attempting to repair"...After
    few minute, it showed windows unable
    to repair and i should repair it
    manually..I tried to manually repair it by booting windows 8 dvd
    but faced same problem....attempting to repair and repair

    this is hdd map: ( Partition 2 and partition 3 were named as C and D respectively...Dont know why it's now showing them as J and K..These are the two partitions which i had merged and then resplitted.)


    C:Partition 1-----350 mb---system
    J:Partition 2-----29.3 gb---primary
    K:Partition 3-----20.4 gb---primary
    D:Partition 4-----5.7 gb-----logical
    E:Partition 5-----5.7 gb-----logical
    F:Partition 6-----38.4 gb---- "
    G:Partition 7-----20 gb------ "
    H:Partition 8-----29.3 gb--- "

    Letter I is assigned to my connected.pendrive

    Now i m frustrated.....This all started
    when i merged and resplitted drive C and
    D.what to do now?

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    Follow these instructions to do a clean install again and make sure you delete all existing partitions as part of step 7:

    Clean Install - Windows 8

    BTW, The "not shutting down" is a clear sign that you installation did not go smoothly so do not partition the drive yourself. This time let the installer do it for you. Good luck.
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    Good Lord that's a lot of partitions, and you had Primary and Logical partitions in there all mixed up. It could be that when you merged the partitions, you deleted the partition Windows was using as Boot. Sometimes you can fix this by booting to the install disk, going into the command prompt and running Bootrec /Fixmbr and then Bootrec /Scanos. After that, you should get a boot menu again.
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Boot problems after merging C and D drive
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