Tell me how to fix font rendering in Windows 8 and I will use it.

Long time (since 1995) Linux user seriously considering moving to Windows. So much so that I've paid MS $200 for Windows 8.

Then I installed it, and then I removed it.

The stumbling block is the font rendering. I'm using a 24-inch 1920x1200 Dell U2410 monitor. In Windows, I swear I can count the individual pixels in each character. That's not good.

Plus there's ugly grey detritus showing up inside the loops in letters like "O" and "B", and trailing off the edges of headline size characters that should be perfectly straight and smoooth.

I am a stickler for font rendering that makes me happy. In Linux (using an Ubuntu derivative) I get that by setting DPI at 94, turning on hinting and adjusting it down, turning on anti-aliasing, and using rgb instead of grayscale subpixel rendering.

How do I do that in Windows? I've seen tutorials, including one here, about using sliders to adjust DPI, but that seems rather imprecise if I want to set it precisely at 94. I've seen no guidance about setting the other parameters.

I can set each of those things in one config file in Linux. Does Windows have an equivalent? If so, I'll use it.

(ClearType doesn't cut it.)