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Help me! Windows 8 is driving me crazy!

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    Help me! Windows 8 is driving me crazy!

    Hello all. Have created my second new build - first one to use an SSD for the main drive and am having total nightmares at the moment with Windows 8 performance - have done a total reinstall but the same problems have cropped up yet again.

    The problem is that after a while, especially when I do anything like installing any software, the system become completely unusable. Task manager can't even stop processes effectively, there's no way of turning off the computer and internet pages refuse to load. When I check task manager it reports very low CPU and memory percentages but 100% disk usage - the 100% disk usage is the common theme. On top of this I'm noticing incredibly sluggish startup - takes up to 4 minutes to get to a working desktop and things like internet explorer then, on first go, take up to 45 seconds to open. It's a potentially powerful beast (see specs below) but is giving absolutely useless performance.
    I've tweaked the virtual memory so it's 8000-1600mb as advised in several forums and have optimised the drive several times but the issue just keeps cropping up.

    Please, please can anybody help me narrow down the problem? Is there something I've done wrong with the SSD element? I'm wondering do I need to install any specific drivers with it perhaps?

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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Maybe there is something wrong with the SSD drive, can you download repair tools for it from the OEM that made it?
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    You have not provided adequate information to make any specific recommendations; however, I think I can understand why because it seems like its a total mess. With that said, I would recommend the following actions:

    Reset your BIOS to defaults (no overclocking)
    Do a clean install (delete all existing partitions during the process)
    Complete the installation
    Apply Windows Updates
    Test now, If OK, create a system image and store on an external drive for recovery

    Now start installing your programs and test after each installation
    After all programs are installed and tested OK, then play with your overclocking

    You should be able to isolate the source (or sources) of your issue if you follow the above. Good luck.
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Also, have you EVER used a 3rd party app to "Defrag" the SSD drive, something like Defraggler? If you have, then you MAY have destroyed your SSD drive.
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Help me! Windows 8 is driving me crazy!
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