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I can no longer boot to my Windows 8. I have been fine fo

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    I can no longer boot to my Windows 8. I have been fine fo

    I can no longer boot to my Windows 8. I think it's because my user drive is different than my OS drive. I have been fine for the last 6 months, this problem happened all of the sudden.

    I have W8 installed on an SSD on my Dell PC, I also have some HDD's with my old Windows Vista installed that I'm using right now to post this and to access the device manager I pasted below.

    Earlier today, I was unable to come back from sleep, so I cycled my power by holding down the power button. When I got it turned on, my computer continually gave me options to troubleshoot from a screen like this

    I cannot access any of the advanced troubleshoot options because my password will not work, I'm even willing to do a restore. I had my password saved so I did not have to enter it when starting my PC, and all of the usual suspects are not working. I still have the W8 disk in the machine but when I booted from it, I could not find any repair option.

    When I am booted from one of my vista hard drives I am able to navigate the unbootable SSD with W8 (does this reduce the chance of hardware failure)?

    Is there any way to restore or repair my windows 8 SSD from this operating system?

    Are there any other suggestions?

    Please help...

    Here is my device manager:
    Click image for larger version

    Edit: One last thing, I just remembered my computer is set up so My documents is saved on another drive, this seems to have caused problems with updates and may be the cause of the issue I'm having. The reason I've done this is because I want my OS and some applications to run from my fast SSD, however, I have a documents folder that is over 500GiB.

    Edit2: Previously, I have had issues updating windows 8 via the automatic downloads because of this, I was told u cannot update windows because of the different directories.

    I figured out my password and when I try to do "refresh pc" I get the error "To refresh your OC, the Users, Program Files, and Windows directories need to be on the same drive. You can chose to completely reset your PC instead, but you should back up your personal Ike's first."

    Edit 3: I have moved my entire system profile similar to the way done in this article

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    Looks like your "Personal identification device" or it's driver have stopped working.
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    How can I fix this?
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    Download Hiren's Boot CD from my link below. Burn it and Boot to it. There is a Windows XP/Vista/7 password recovery agent, it works form Windows 8. Use that to unlock your account and set a new password. I've used it a few times ad was able to log in.

    With Windows 8 I think you can blank out the password but 8.1 needs one.

    Also, if you are using a Microsoft/Skydrive account to log in, you must use THAT password, so I would recover your MS password first and try that, if that is how you have been logging in.
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I can no longer boot to my Windows 8. I have been fine fo
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