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A few problems since installing Windows 8

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    Windows 8 64-bit

    A few problems since installing Windows 8

    Since upgrading to Windows 8 64-bit premium from Windows 7 64-bit premium, I have had some trouble with my computer. In relating the problems here, it is not my intention to cause offense or denigrate the windows OS just for the hell of it. I think forums are a place for people to communicate, just because it's online doesn't mean you can write any old thing.

    I just wanted to join this forum in order to post about a few errors and other problems I've been having and see what kind of reaction I get. From my own point of view, as I use my machine for work, these problems all coming together in the space of a few weeks have been very frustrating.

    (a) after upgrade, files and folders periodically disappear from desktop screen (they are still in explorer though) and apps disappear from metro screen;
    (b) cpu (2.3Ghz i5) often runs at or near 100% when using windows explorer and a search in explorer of any kind tends to bring the computer to a complete halt, necessitating ctrl-alt-del to end task
    (c) with task manager open, I began to notice that multiple tasks would begin when opening applications, especially with Chrome browser;
    (d) errors and sub-standard functioning in excel 2013, particularly with regard to hyperlinks (I have posted these errors in detail on the Microsoft support site some days ago without a single reply and have appended them to this post in case anyone here can help out. Just because I am now going to switch to Apple doesn't detract from the fact that I have spent money on a new OS and Office 2013 for my computer (rather than use a copy of someone else's like most other people do). See how my loyalty and honesty has been rewarded.

    I am using Windows 8 64-bit on a Toshiba Satellite L655 with 8GB memory and a 256GB SSD. The laptop underwent a full service (including dismantling and cleaning) 2 weeks ago and a premium version of Avira Virus Blocker is installed which includes real-time protection.

    But my main gripe concerns SKYPE (also I note, now owned by Microsoft?). I have used skype (a very common and popular VoIP application used by millions around the world) since about 2004 and never had such problems as I have had this last week.

    First off, it all started when the skype website informed me that Skype for Windows 8 was available for installation. I installed it, as most people would. It was suddenly not a piece of software any more, it became an 'app' and was sitting prettily on my Metro screen (oh the arrogance, to try and call it 'mine') - not on the desktop. When you open it, about a third of the screen estate is devoted to telling you that it looks beautiful (in case I can't see it?), a central column lists recent activity and a third lists contacts. There are no further options. You cannot record or playback voicemail messages or change many settings.

    Clearly, this is unacceptable. The app has been released when it is clearly unfinished. I decided to contact skype tech support to see if I could get a refund on my premium membership, uninstall Skype for Windows 8 and reinstall the Desktop version. Guess what? They couldn't do it.

    I am serious. This will make my post a little too long for a first-timer, but I think it is worth reading. The person doing the support is great and really helpful, putting up with a bit of sarcasm from me as I got more and more frustrated and 1 hour turned into 2.

    Here is the conversation I had with Tech Support. Please bear in mind that I was extremely angry and barely restraining myself to sarcasm/thick irony.

    This will make windows lovers hate me. But I do not hate windows lovers. They are simply people who have to make do with a sub-standard OS that has been released with inadequate compatibility checks while even major desktop applications have not been 'converted' into 'apps'.

    But I think Windows has betrayed us, their loyal users, by moving away from the desktop interface sacrificing efficiency and simplicity for the sake of a spurious 'attractiveness' which is in practice simply a handicap to any rational workflow. Is anyone happy with the touch features of windows 8?

    Anyway, I did not expect to use the touch features, as I do not have a touch-enabled screen. I merely wanted to have the latest Windows OS on my computer.

    That was the last mistake I will ever make with Microsoft-reliant computers. Because I'm not going to use them ever again.

    I haven't even started on the terrible way that Microsoft insists users provide each other support themselves rather than provide any from the company itself. That is truly shameful.

    Anyway, below is the conversation from the Skype tech support. You may not like me much as a person once you have read it, because I do not behave perfectly as a Windows user should, but I think I just about manage not to be really rude to the support staff and the interesting content relates to the fact that they do everything right and the software still doesn't work after the Windows 8 version installation.

    Incidentally, if you are a happy windows 8 user, perhaps you could advise me how a windows 8 machine should be used - because my way, of high-intensity office and image preview application with manipulation of files in windows explorer seems to be a bit more than my computer can cope with.

    I am not going to be any ruder online about Microsoft, because it is cowardly not to tell someone to their face. I will probably condense my 'conversion to Apple' story down to a brief anecdote in a few days' time. In fact, I think that once my new Apple arrives, I won't ever think about Windows ever again.

    Unlike countries, say, or families, pc software makers do not inspire lifelong loyalty on principle.

    I am the participant with the username fred-2013.

    3:36:01 PM fred-2013
    Initial Question/Comment: Using Skype (create a new user, change my profile, manage my contacts)
    3:36:01 PM System
    Thank you for contacting Skype Customer Support!
    3:36:06 PM System
    David U. has joined this session!
    3:36:06 PM System
    Connected with David U.
    3:36:21 PM David U.
    Hello! Welcome to Skype Live Support! My name is Dave. How may I help you?
    3:36:36 PM fred-2013
    Hello Dave. I am having problems with my skype installation on windows 8.
    3:36:53 PM fred-2013
    I am a premium user, have a skype number, call-forwarding and voice messaging
    3:37:19 PM fred-2013
    I'm quite depressed about the skype for windows 8 app
    3:37:24 PM fred-2013
    which I have just installed
    3:37:51 PM David U.
    As I understand you are having issues installing the Skype Application for Windows and I'm sorry to here that.
    3:38:11 PM David U.
    Just to clarify, have you already installed it?
    3:38:24 PM David U.
    Did you received any error messages?
    3:38:34 PM fred-2013
    Please let me explain the whole picture first.
    3:38:48 PM fred-2013
    I have used skype on my pc for over 8 years
    3:39:02 PM fred-2013
    I installed windows 8 last month (biggest mistake I have ever made on a computer ever)
    3:39:30 PM fred-2013
    now your lovely and perfectly working skype software has turned into a stupid 'app' with no functionality that boasts to you about how nice it looks.
    3:40:23 PM fred-2013
    I have a premium account, as I just pointed out because I want to be a 'power user', I thought skype is reliable enough
    3:40:48 PM David U.
    I'm sorry of you feel that way.
    3:40:52 PM fred-2013
    that's what I think about the new install on my windows 8 pc of your lovely 'app'
    3:41:07 PM fred-2013
    to be very specific, though : I cannot set a voicemail message using the app
    3:41:26 PM David U.
    Have you already tried to install the Skype desktop version for Windows 8?
    3:41:30 PM fred-2013
    so, I want to uninstall that trash off my computer (pls excuse my frankness)
    3:41:36 PM fred-2013
    and reinstall the desktop version for skype.
    3:42:12 PM fred-2013
    if it doesn't work... I am going to buy an Apple computer. I swear it this is me converted to Apple after decades of windows use!!
    3:42:35 PM fred-2013
    what on earth are they thinking? doing?
    3:43:04 PM fred-2013
    I don't mean to be rude to you, and I hope you will be able to help me with this problem until I can buy an Apple computer. I'm just a little frustrated right now. It's Sunday - I have a couple of urgent skype calls to make and an appointment in half an hour.
    3:43:16 PM David U.
    Here's what I can do, I can transfer you over to technical team so they can assist you while you uninstall the Skype App on your machine.
    3:43:28 PM fred-2013
    that would be very helpful. thank you
    3:45:16 PM fred-2013
    pls can you recommend another VoIP service?
    3:45:32 PM David U.
    Unfortunately, I wont be able to assist you at the moment because I'm not certified yet to do that process, but believe me I'm using different OS raging Mountain Lion to Windows Server to Ubunto, in fact I even used Chronium OS.
    3:45:36 PM David U.
    3:46:11 PM fred-2013
    It's no problem transferring me to someone else who can help with a technical function. Thank you for listening.
    3:46:34 PM fred-2013
    Skype has no competition. So why is it being ruined?
    3:47:20 PM David U.
    All I can say right now is that we are still growing, you can provide your suggestion later after I transfer you the technical team.
    3:47:24 PM fred-2013
    An app used by millions and millions of people all over the world, probably the most popular software on the internet. And whoever has snaffled up the company is working to destroy it.
    3:47:37 PM fred-2013
    transfer me quick
    3:47:48 PM fred-2013
    3:47:57 PM fred-2013
    it's called an angry customer
    3:49:16 PM David U.
    I will transfer you now.
    3:49:31 PM David U.
    Kindly click on the continue button.
    3:49:46 PM System
    You are being transferred to another queue. Please stand by...
    3:49:46 PM System
    David U. has left this session!
    3:49:46 PM System
    Sonny B. has joined this session!
    3:49:46 PM System
    Connected with Sonny B.
    3:49:59 PM fred-2013
    .Hello Sonny
    3:50:01 PM Sonny B.
    Hello! I'm Sonny. 
    It seems you have been transferred to me for further assistance. I'll just take a look at your previous conversation and then we can get started.
    3:50:08 PM fred-2013
    great, thx
    3:51:13 PM fred-2013
    My first question, Sonny, (when you get back from reading my previous conversation), is to ask you if this is the customer support (technical support) for premium customers
    3:51:36 PM Sonny B.
    Thank you for patiently waiting.
    3:51:40 PM fred-2013
    ie customers who pay money for the privilege of using skype?
    3:51:44 PM fred-2013
    no prob
    3:51:56 PM Sonny B.
    First, this is the queue for technical support.
    3:52:07 PM fred-2013
    so you're telling me I'm in a queue
    3:52:36 PM fred-2013
    How long will I be waiting in the queue?
    3:52:44 PM Sonny B.
    We are already connected and we will be happy to assist you with your concern regarding Skype application.
    3:52:45 PM fred-2013
    I will call on the telephone if it will be quicker
    3:52:56 PM fred-2013
    oh that's great
    3:52:57 PM fred-2013
    thank you
    3:53:04 PM Sonny B.
    You are most welcome.
    3:53:30 PM fred-2013
    I need to uninstall Skype for WIndows 8 spoof application so that I can use the proper Skype software from my desktop. Is that ok?
    3:53:36 PM Sonny B.
    Moving forward, just to make sure I understand you are having trouble setting up your voicemail in Skype for Windows 8.
    3:53:41 PM Sonny B.
    Is that correct?
    3:53:51 PM fred-2013
    3:54:51 PM Sonny B.
    Thank you for confirming.
    3:55:01 PM fred-2013
    Thank you so much for that
    3:55:09 PM fred-2013
    ok what next?
    3:55:26 PM Sonny B.
    If you are having issues with Skype for Windows 8 application, you can download the desktop version of Skype.
    3:55:46 PM Sonny B.
    To download the desktop version of Skype on your device, please follow this link:
    3:55:46 PM Sonny B.
    3:55:49 PM fred-2013
    but why doesn't skype for windows 8 work like the excellent skype software?
    3:55:59 PM fred-2013
    why does it have limited functionality?
    3:56:07 PM fred-2013
    I will follow the link.
    3:56:31 PM fred-2013
    I am now downloading the file from the link
    3:56:48 PM Sonny B.
    This is because Skype for Windows 8 is just a newly developed program.
    3:56:54 PM fred-2013
    the file has downloaded.
    3:57:02 PM Sonny B.
    However, our developers are already working to add more features available for this application.
    3:57:07 PM fred-2013
    Then DON't RELEASE IT UNTIL it's ready. Is it in BETA? NO.
    3:57:28 PM Sonny B.
    Actually, it is not a Beta version.
    3:57:41 PM fred-2013
    man, you should know windows 8 users are already pretty sensitive about the OS being released before anything is updated, hardware drivers or anything
    3:57:56 PM Sonny B.
    This is the version of Skype that is fully compatible for integrated Skype and Microsoft account.
    3:58:07 PM fred-2013
    it's like getting a downgrade from the desktop
    3:58:21 PM Sonny B.
    That is why the only option to sign in to Skype for Windows 8 is through Microsoft account.
    3:59:09 PM fred-2013
    ok. You know the system, you understand the reasons. But I wonder if any of the frustration that users feel at a downgrade of their desktop software to make it look nice gets through?
    3:59:34 PM fred-2013
    I have just set up a premium account and I would like to cancel it and get my money back, please.
    4:00:30 PM Sonny B.
    I understand that you wish to cancel/refund your premium subscription.
    4:00:42 PM fred-2013
    You are correct.
    4:01:12 PM fred-2013
    I upgraded to premium and immediately got smacked by this incomplete app that you foist on windows 8 users
    4:01:16 PM Sonny B.
    To ensure that I am looking at the correct transaction, may I have the order number of the product that you wish to be cancelled/refunded?
    4:01:31 PM fred-2013
    so I want to delete the app from my computer, put the desktop one back on, and get a refund for my premium service.
    4:02:48 PM fred-2013
    There are two transactions on my skype account today. One is for 10.00 of skype credit. It's not that transaction, it's the other one - the one for the premium service. I do not have the transaction number in front of me.
    4:03:41 PM Sonny B.
    Please sign in to your Skype account page and check your purchase history.
    4:03:51 PM fred-2013
    Please give me a link
    4:03:56 PM Sonny B.
    Then locate the order number of the transaction that you wish to get a refund.
    4:04:06 PM fred-2013
    Don't talk to me like I'm your servant
    4:04:20 PM Sonny B.
    Please follow this link:
    4:04:21 PM Sonny B.
    4:04:24 PM fred-2013
    Thank you
    4:04:50 PM Sonny B.
    You're welcome.
    4:05:10 PM fred-2013
    It's the second one on the list. The order number is 758181551 and next to it it says 'Skype Premium' payment to indicate that this is the payment I made today for Skype Premium.
    4:06:07 PM Sonny B.
    Thank you so much.
    4:06:15 PM fred-2013
    You know I am here to help you
    4:06:15 PM Sonny B.
    Please give me a minute or two to check this.
    4:09:02 PM Sonny B.
    Thank you for waiting.
    4:09:12 PM Sonny B.
    I already processed the refund of your Premium subscription.
    4:09:25 PM Sonny B.
    You will receive the refund within 5 to 7 days.
    4:09:30 PM fred-2013
    Will I receive a confirmation e-mail as well?
    4:09:51 PM fred-2013
    Why does it take 5-7 days to refund me, it took about 10 seconds for the money to be taken?
    4:10:24 PM fred-2013
    Please utilize the online transfer of funds - it is a common technology nowadays.
    4:10:37 PM Sonny B.
    Yes, you will receive an email regarding this action.
    4:10:51 PM fred-2013
    Thank you. And regarding my following question?
    4:11:12 PM Sonny B.
    Thank you for your bright idea.
    4:11:14 PM fred-2013
    I will repeat it, in case it has scrolled off your screen : Why does it take 5-7 days to refund me, it took about 10 seconds for the money to be taken?
    4:11:25 PM Sonny B.
    I will take note of your suggestion and submit it to the appropriate department for review.
    4:11:47 PM fred-2013
    Pls resist the urge to become sarcastic with me because your job has been done.
    4:12:08 PM fred-2013
    Sonny, I have one more quick question
    4:12:42 PM Sonny B.
    Actually, the processing of refund is immediate.
    4:13:03 PM Sonny B.
    However, there are instances that the system and your payment processor may encounter delay in receiving information.
    4:13:24 PM fred-2013
    Thank you for that. But there is still the matter of reinstalling the desktop skype on my desktop and deleting the skype for windows 8 excuse for an app off from my lovely metro startup page in Windows 8
    4:13:39 PM Sonny B.
    That is why we provided a timeframe in case that the refund encounter a delay.
    4:14:07 PM fred-2013
    Thank you for your careful explanation. So, the delay is caused at the receiving bank's end. That is genuinely useful and pertinent information and I thank you.
    4:14:52 PM Sonny B.
    It is our pleasure providing you information.
    4:15:15 PM fred-2013
    From 5-7 days indicated to me that the fastest the transfer would happen is 5 days. Clearly, this is not fast. Now I understand from your clear explanation
    4:15:40 PM fred-2013
    Well, I am grateful, as I'm sure are many others for your work
    4:16:17 PM Sonny B.
    I am happy to hear that I am able to assist you with this.
    4:16:27 PM Sonny B.
    Would there be anything else that I can help?
    4:16:42 PM fred-2013
    Please can you address my next issues regarding the deletion of skype for windows 8 app from my computer and the installation of Skype for desktop (with all original settings).
    4:17:19 PM Sonny B.
    To uninstall Skype for Windows 8, click the link below and follow the instructions:
    4:18:20 PM fred-2013
    I would like to ask you to stay online in this window. I will perform the uninstallation myself and will return here to say it is complete. That way, if there is a snarl-up I can ask you a question and obtain your assistance as in the previous scenario.
    4:18:52 PM Sonny B.
    4:19:07 PM Sonny B.
    Just please notify me every two minutes to ensure that we are still connected.
    4:19:54 PM fred-2013
    Yes. I have completed the uninstallation.
    4:20:19 PM fred-2013
    I do not know if it was successful because WIndows 8 gave me no notification either way. But I will do the follow-up on that myself.
    4:20:19 PM Sonny B.
    Great job!
    4:20:28 PM fred-2013
    Yes, good going. I feel so much better already
    4:20:46 PM Sonny B.
    Now, please install the desktop version of Skype.
    4:20:56 PM fred-2013
    Next, if you still have some time, is for me to reinstall the desktop application, start it up and check that all my settings are intact while you are online here to help with any problems.
    4:21:04 PM fred-2013
    Yes, I will do it now.
    4:21:22 PM Sonny B.
    For instructions, please follow this link:
    4:21:22 PM Sonny B.
    4:22:02 PM fred-2013
    Skype is installing. The computer is asking me to wait for a few minutes. I will type something every minute to make sure the link is not cut.
    4:22:49 PM fred-2013
    OK. the installation is proceeding and I have had an on-screen confirmation of your refund. Thank you. The desktop software works great so far. Pls wait for further info.
    4:23:12 PM fred-2013
    I now have a spinning blue disc. It is still spinning. Pls wait.
    4:23:12 PM Sonny B.
    4:23:32 PM fred-2013
    The disc is still spinning. The screen is blank.
    4:23:49 PM fred-2013
    except for the contacts list on the left. all my original contacts appear to be in the list.
    4:25:04 PM fred-2013
    the disc is still spinning. I think something is wrong. What do you think?
    4:25:48 PM Sonny B.
    Just to confirm, are you already signed in to Skype?
    4:26:06 PM fred-2013
    I just told you that my contact list is on the screen, on the left. So, yes, that means I am signed in.
    4:26:33 PM fred-2013
    Don't give up Sonny, you've been doing an outstanding job there so far today.
    4:26:46 PM fred-2013
    and I'm grateful,. I just need you to help me through this installation.
    4:27:37 PM Sonny B.
    I am more than willing to assist you through this process.
    4:27:45 PM fred-2013
    the blue disc is still spinning and the app is not active
    4:27:54 PM Sonny B.
    Please wait until the system completely upload the information of your account.
    4:27:54 PM fred-2013
    Thanks once again. Let's get to it.
    4:28:09 PM fred-2013
    But the disc has been spinning for nearly 2 minutes.
    4:28:55 PM fred-2013
    I have used skype since about 2005 and I have rarely waited this long. When I did wait this long it usually just never uploaded and I had to restart the computer. You will appreciate that I can't do that on this occasion.
    4:29:02 PM Sonny B.
    Kindly sign out and back to Skype to make the process faster.
    4:29:09 PM fred-2013
    I will follow your instruction.
    4:29:50 PM fred-2013
    I signed out and then signed in again using my skype name and password. The disc is spinning...
    4:29:52 PM fred-2013
    4:31:12 PM Sonny B.
    I see.
    4:31:26 PM Sonny B.
    Please sign out to Skype and make sure that the application is no longer running.
    4:31:32 PM fred-2013
    While we're waiting, Sonny, I hope you will not mind me saying that if SKYPE under Microsoft worked as well as you do, there would be no need for you to do that job helping out angry people like me. You don't deserve to have to work for an IT company that makes software that doesn't work.
    4:32:09 PM fred-2013
    Office 2013 - full of bugs on hybrid mystery Windows 8 demanding apps to replace software, that just don't work as well as the software used to.
    4:32:17 PM fred-2013
    the disc is still spinning
    4:32:50 PM fred-2013
    I am not lying to you. The disc is still spinning. What do you recommend? I will take your advice and my woes and try and fix it on my own.
    4:33:12 PM Sonny B.
    Thank you for your reminder, but I am unable to comment on your suggestion.
    4:33:34 PM Sonny B.
    Going back to your concern in Skype, let us try refreshing the routing information of your device by deleting the shared.xml file.
    4:33:36 PM Sonny B.
    To do so:
    4:33:44 PM fred-2013
    4:33:54 PM fred-2013
    This sounds fun.
    4:34:08 PM fred-2013
    I like spending my one day a week holiday on the computer doing stuff like this.
    4:34:08 PM Sonny B.
    1. On your keyboard, press the Windows + R key combination.
    If you are using a touch screen device, swipe from the right edge of the screen and select the Search charm. Type Run and select the Run app from the left side.
    2. Copy and paste the following path into the Run box and press Enter:
    3. Delete the shared or shared.xml file.
    4:35:42 PM fred-2013
    I copied and pasted the link you very efficiently provided into the Run box as per your instructions. I received an error message saying that the location does not exist, may be located on a hard drive disconnected from the computer, etc.. Please advise.
    4:35:48 PM Sonny B.
    Please let me know once done.
    4:36:00 PM fred-2013
    Um. I just did.
    4:36:34 PM fred-2013
    I am quick enough to use a computer. The problem is not my skill level, it is the software being mangled by your company.
    4:37:20 PM fred-2013
    The disc is still spinning
    4:37:54 PM fred-2013
    I have already missed an important international call and my employer is also unable to contact me - skype is my work number from today.
    4:38:00 PM Sonny B.
    Please sign out to Skype first and make sure that the application is no longer running.
    4:38:08 PM fred-2013
    The disc is still spinning. Please advise.
    4:38:18 PM fred-2013
    I will follow your instruction to the letter.
    4:38:53 PM Sonny B.
    Then access Run and type %appdata%\skype.
    4:39:08 PM Sonny B.
    Then locate and delete the shared.xml file.
    4:39:43 PM fred-2013
    there is a list of folders. there is no shared.xml file. Do you want me to search in windows explorer for the file in question within that opened folder?
    4:40:33 PM Sonny B.
    I would like to let you know that this file is set as a hidden file.
    4:40:44 PM Sonny B.
    Please give me a minute to check on how to enable show hidden files.
    4:40:47 PM fred-2013
    You may find this funny, but windows explorer, since upgrading to windows 8 and even in WIndows 7 regularly crashes when you ask it to find something. I usually switch off the search feature, but turned it on again recently because I thought that no, it should work, really, does Microsoft need my help?
    4:40:57 PM fred-2013
    I will enable show hidden files.
    4:42:00 PM fred-2013
    I have identified the shared.xml file : it was my mistake this time - explorer was not set to show the file-tag. My bad. Naughty me. Sorry
    4:42:16 PM fred-2013
    The file has been deleted.
    4:42:43 PM fred-2013
    Will this take much longer?
    4:42:53 PM fred-2013
    I am beginning to feel quite sick
    4:43:38 PM Sonny B.
    I am really sorry if it's taking as long to resolve this issue.
    4:43:50 PM Sonny B.
    After deleting the file, please sign back to Skype.
    4:43:55 PM fred-2013
    No, that's OK. I'm used to windows.
    4:44:18 PM fred-2013
    I am going to sign back into skype now. Wish me luck
    4:45:23 PM fred-2013
    The application has opened. The account is mine and showing on the left bar. The blue disc is spinning.
    4:45:49 PM fred-2013
    The blue disc is still spinning.
    4:45:57 PM fred-2013
    at a constant speed
    4:46:08 PM fred-2013
    I am trying not to stare at it
    4:46:24 PM fred-2013
    So, what else can I try to make skype work again?
    4:46:31 PM fred-2013
    Is this a common problem?
    4:46:45 PM fred-2013
    It was your installation on my computer that caused this problem.
    4:46:53 PM fred-2013
    I mean 'your' company's
    4:47:12 PM Sonny B.
    This is not a common issue in Skype, however, this issue may occur if you are using security application that is blocking Skype.
    4:47:23 PM fred-2013
    I am not blaming you personally for these difficulties and am, as I have already had a couple chances to mention, thankful for your assistance.
    4:47:33 PM fred-2013
    That is an interesting suggestion.
    4:47:42 PM fred-2013
    Can you assist me in dealing with that problem?
    4:47:42 PM Sonny B.
    I appreciate your understanding.
    4:48:43 PM Sonny B.
    Let us try disabling your firewall first.
    4:48:45 PM fred-2013
    Since a security application is a necessity on every computer in existence, I am surprised that a popular application like Skype would not be designed to operate without interfering with security settings.
    4:48:54 PM fred-2013
    Yes, let's try everything.
    4:49:05 PM fred-2013
    Please instruct. If I know what to do, I will do it.
    4:49:15 PM fred-2013
    If not, I may need a little hint or guidance.
    4:49:28 PM fred-2013
    Sorry about this.
    4:49:53 PM Sonny B.
    First, press the Windows key on your keyboard and then type “control panel” to display the contents of Control Panel shortcut.
    4:50:08 PM Sonny B.
    The search box will appear on the right side of the screen.
    4:50:10 PM fred-2013
    The Control Panel is open
    4:50:28 PM Sonny B.
    Then in the Apps section, click Control Panel to display all of the contents.
    4:50:34 PM Sonny B.
    Click Windows Firewall.
    4:50:39 PM fred-2013
    There is no apps section in my control panel
    4:50:44 PM fred-2013
    Do you mean programs?
    4:50:48 PM Sonny B.
    Click the Turn Windows Firewall off option.
    4:51:08 PM fred-2013
    You mean Security, don't you
    4:51:40 PM Sonny B.
    Were you able to locate the Control Panel category already?
    4:51:59 PM fred-2013
    I have turned WIndows FIrewall off (this is not recommended, do you have liability insurance Sonny?) on private and public networks.
    4:52:04 PM Sonny B.
    In Control Panel you should see Windows Firewall.
    4:52:07 PM fred-2013
    Is that what you instructed me to do.
    4:52:22 PM fred-2013
    Have I followed your instructions correctly?
    4:52:36 PM fred-2013
    I have turned WIndows FIrewall off (this is not recommended, do you have liability insurance Sonny?) on private and public networks.
    4:52:56 PM Sonny B.
    This is just an alternative solution in connecting to Skype.
    4:53:11 PM fred-2013
    Yes, but you are exposing my computer to a security risk, are you not?
    4:53:12 PM Sonny B.
    However, you can download anti virus on your device to ensure the security of your computer.
    4:53:25 PM fred-2013
    Do I need the firewall activated for my computer to be safe?
    4:53:38 PM fred-2013
    Let's be quick about this pls
    4:54:20 PM Sonny B.
    Firewall is one of the application that help your computer secure, however, there are instances that firewall blocks incoming and outgoing connection.
    4:54:23 PM fred-2013
    Don't worry Sonny, I'm not going to sue you. I just want this problem to be fixed.
    4:54:31 PM fred-2013
    Pls can we go a little quicker
    4:55:13 PM Sonny B.
    However, you can install anti virus on your computer to keep you from harmful threats.
    4:55:19 PM fred-2013
    The blue disc is still spinning
    4:56:18 PM Sonny B.
    I am really sorry for the inconvenience that this issue is causing you.
    4:56:29 PM fred-2013
    I have now missed an appointment as well.
    4:56:35 PM fred-2013
    It's not your fault. You are helping.
    4:56:46 PM fred-2013
    Your apology is gratefully received.
    4:57:17 PM Sonny B.
    Thanks for your kind understanding.
    4:57:22 PM fred-2013
    The blue disc is still spinning.
    4:57:58 PM Sonny B.
    If you don't mind, please provide as a screenshot of the issue so that we can use it as a reference.
    4:58:13 PM Sonny B.
    Please attach the image to an email and send it to
    4:58:38 PM Sonny B.
    Also include may name on the subject line.
    4:58:58 PM Sonny B.
    While you are composing the email, I will double check our records for further instruction.
    5:00:30 PM fred-2013
    I am not prepared to send you a screen shot of my contact list and a blue disc spinning on the screen.
    5:01:05 PM Sonny B.
    You can edit the image of your screenshot and cover your contact list.
    5:01:09 PM fred-2013
    I have been online with you for 1 and a half hours and the problem is not solved. This is not your fault. It is because the software and the os it is operating on do not work together.
    5:01:22 PM fred-2013
    Then you will have a white box with a blue disc in it. Is that what you want from me?
    5:01:22 PM Sonny B.
    If you wish I can send you an email and reply to it with the screenshot of the issue.
    5:01:32 PM fred-2013
    If that is what you need, I will do it.
    5:01:38 PM Sonny B.
    That is fine.
    5:01:48 PM Sonny B.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    5:01:54 PM fred-2013
    5:01:57 PM fred-2013
    Thank you
    5:02:06 PM fred-2013
    How long will this take?
    5:02:15 PM fred-2013
    Will it take much longer?
    5:02:45 PM fred-2013
    It has been a long time. I think actually, I am going to make this the last thing I do for you today.
    5:03:03 PM Sonny B.
    I am unable to provide you a definitive answer for your question.
    5:03:16 PM fred-2013
    Pls report our conversation to your line manager.

    It turned out he already had - Microsoft probably passed my ISP and screen resolution to the NSA for being sarcastic in the international ether. I think the support guy there was actually getting into the humour of it all with me though so it would be a shame if he was actually all bitter and upset that 'I' had a problem with their wonderful Skype for Windows 8.

    There all done.

    Have fun with your computers - I have enjoyed windows since about 1998, but all of a sudden this weekend, it just stopped being fun any more.

    Good luck to you all. And God speed you.
    Last edited by Brink; 23 Jul 2013 at 10:07. Reason: code box

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  2. #2

    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
    Posts : 3,908
    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    Question, are you the same guy who posted that incredible funny rant in here last night? If you are, thanx a helluva lot, it made my day.
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  3. #3

    Harrisonburg, Va.
    Posts : 10,488
    Windows 8.1.1 Pro with Media Center

    Have you tried sfc /scannow ?

    The DISM command ?---- Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

    Both in administrator command prompt.

    Did the issues start before cleaning it or after ?
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A few problems since installing Windows 8
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