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How to sort the contents of Libraries > Documents?

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    Thanks for your efforts.

    Note that my configuration conflicts with the statement in your tutorial:

    7. You will now notice that the order of the included folders of the library has changed to what you arranged them in step 4 for the navigation pane and in the library (if grouped by folder).

    Here are the reasons:

    • My screenshot above shows that the folders at the left are in the order in which I inserted them from Users\<myusername>. But the folders at the right are in ascending ASCII sequence.
    • I then manually unlinked the three folders at the left, and re-inserted them in the sequence that I wanted.
    • I then discovered the Home > Properties dialog. As an experiment, I dragged the left folders to some different sequence. The right folders did not change in sympathy.

    A possible reason for the conflict is that I have never been able to find the option that will "enable or disable auto arrange", as is mentioned by other posters to this thread. I suspect that if I could find this setting, it might be the converse of your setting.

    Anyway, I've achieved my objective, so all's well that ends well

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    It appears that when you disable auto arrange, it will no longer auto arrange the order of the included folders in the library, and only in the navigation pane.

    I've made a note in the tutorial for this.
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How to sort the contents of Libraries > Documents?
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