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Same files in two drives but one uses 70 GB more.

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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    You used the backup Programme to make an identical copy of the drive, or does it copy as it is used? Maybe there are "Previous Versions" of some files on the larger drive. But the smaller drive, has MORE files than one one with more space used. That's odd, so you may have a couple of HUGE files in there, 35 GB each.

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    Hi kmint,

    The difference may be hidden in shadow copies, so I'd check it first by running this command elevated:
    vssadmin list shadowstorage
    Post the results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kmint View Post
    Can somebody help to solve this mystery?

    Today I noticed that the old one uses 70GB more than the other.
    Hi, there could be some temporary files in the older HD, have
    you tried to "Liberar espacio"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kmint View Post
    Can somebody help to solve this mystery?

    I had a Seagate MyBackup 1TB external drive. When it was half full I decided to buy another one, the same Seagate, same model, same 1TB.

    So I copied the files to the new one and I do backups every week or so for the changes.

    Today I noticed that the old one uses 70GB more than the other.

    I mean, 70GB is a lot. I checked the files carefully, it's all my movies. Both are the same capacity, 931 GB. Even same color.

    The only difference I found is that the newest has 16MB buffer and the old one only 8MB.

    Does anyone know what could be happening?

    Just in case it is relevant, I first used a program called Cobian Backup to make incremental backups and so on, but it was a mess and I uninstalled, formatted the new one and copied the files directly.

    Maybe Cobian took 70GB of drive #1 and they are now lost in nowhere? I don't detect hidden files, hidden partitions, etc.

    Thanks in advance.
    Do you have a windows.old folder on one of the drives?
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Same files in two drives but one uses 70 GB more.
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