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Is there anyway to enlarge font in Apps?

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    Is there anyway to enlarge font in Apps?

    I really like some of these apps but the font is too darn small. I already have my dpi at 150%, so I don't want to increase that anymore. Thanks.

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    I could be wrong, but I don't think so.
    I've tried.
    Nothing on Google.
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    Hi there

    Advanced Appearance Settings - Change Text Size for Items in Windows 8

    Right mouse click on screen ==>screen resolution==>display.

    Choose the LOWER box and adjust font sizes for the objects you want

    Screen shot shown.

    I've ALSO got the other items at 150% so you can alter BOTH sets of settings --I'm using a LARGE monitor.

    Don't forget also that DESKTOP icons can be changed via holding down the CTRL key and using the wheel on a mouse with a scroll wheel.

    These tips work in W7 too.

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    That works for apps? Which of those specific items applies to apps font?


    I don't think that works for the actual text in apps unless I'm missing something. But thanks anyway.

    I've googled too, can't find anything.
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    Found something for Google News app at least, not sure if it works with other apps. It's called "Readability View" and it's free. It lets you adjust the font size and other things. Works very well in Google News app.
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    And to add. In windows 8.1, the smallest icon size is very useful if you do plan to use the modern as your start menu. But, on that size, there is no text name. So you have to remember what each program each icon represents!
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    The DPI scaling mode overrides the text size in stuff like Splash Screens, but I think it don't touch settings in the main body of the program. But it WILL change the text size in any Menus that are depending on Explorer to show the text. 150% may be way too high, you may have some screens running off of the Monitor. Windows will usually set the DPI to 120% by default in laptops.
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Is there anyway to enlarge font in Apps?
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