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where is safe mode boot option ?

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    where is safe mode boot option ?

    f5 doesn't work on restart .. .

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    My lord, the new direction & staff since the departure of gates is sooo wise ... .

    I found the answer:

    "Turn on your Windows 8 PC and immediately press and hold Shift + F8 keys till use see Advanced Boot Options screen from where you can boot into the Safe Mode. Do note that you need to press and hold the hotkey while the POST is in progress."

    "shift" is new .. . but no worries, it's still a Microsoft system .. . it's just for the fun .. . that they added "shift"
    & to make sure win8 is "different" & another serious "os update"

    is the sun heating too much at microsoft ?
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    Hello Delicate,

    In addition to: Safe Mode - Start Windows 8 in

    You might also find these below handy to use to make booting to Safe Mode easier.

    Safe Mode - Add to Desktop Context Menu in Windows

    Safe Mode - Add to Windows Boot Manager in Windows 8
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    In fact, what I needed was the boot manager, & I know how to access it. so now you're telling me,
    I can reboot automatically in safe mode .. .

    could you create bat files for the cascading options in context menu ?

    So I could create a folder in my startup menu & add those files there.
    If it's not too complicated .. . give me the command lines and i'll create
    the files .. .
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    & do I really need uac ? if so, I have to decline that option because I don't want uac running in my pc.
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    The Safe Mode - Add to Windows Boot Manager in Windows 8 tutorial adds "Safe Mode" to the Window Boot Manager screen at boot to be available to select to either boot into Safe Mode or Windows 8.

    If you like, you can also just run the .vbs file in OPTION ONE to boot to Safe Mode from within Windows 8.

    If you want to be able to open and use the Windows Store, Store apps, or modern UI screens (ex: PC settings) in Windows 8, then UAC must not be disabled.
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    I didn't check it but safe mode should be in the boot manager by default anyways.

    I've found the vbs files, thanks ))
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    Another option.
    Checkout BootUI Tuner in my signature.
    I've used it for some time now with no adverse effects.
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    Quote Originally Posted by delicate View Post
    I didn't check it but safe mode should be in the boot manager by default anyways.

    I've found the vbs files, thanks ))
    You're welcome.

    It would add "Safe Mode" to this boot screen where you would select what OS to boot from.

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    I don't have choose an operating system screen Brink, & ur vbs file made me reboot to command line directly,
    as I wanted but it's not temporary which si the issue, so I had to open msconfig from that command line & change the boot type again.. so I guess those vbs files are useless. I still need a way to call the boot options "safe mode" safe mode with network" etc etc
    at startup & the shift+f8 key doesn't work apparently. & David ? the option "enable advanced options of boot menu" in the tool u proposed will show it authomatically at every reboot ? (not what I need if it's the case), I need to call it temporarily..
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where is safe mode boot option ?
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