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    I am not a happy camper with Windows 8.
    I am confused with the Legacy and the UEFI boot methods. The reason I am confused I think, is because I read to darn much on the Internet. One bit of confusion is with respect to changing from UEFI to Legacy. It would appear from some comments that if I do that, Windows 8 won't boot anymore. I would have to change back to UEFI for indows 8 to boot. I also read that changing back to UEFI could be a major problem when trying to access the BIOS. No, I am confused. My ultimate goal is to set my laptop up to dual boot Windows 8 and Ubuntu. Like I have been doing for the last multiple years with XP and Windows 7.
    Helpful comments would certainly be appreciated.

    ]Dell Inspiron 5721
    Windows 8
    Intel i7 @ 1.9 GHz
    BIOS Version Dell Inc. A06 2/22/2013
    SMBIOS 2.7
    BIOS Mode UEFI
    Secure Boot State On
    Memory 8 GB[/QUOTE]

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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    I don't quite understand what UEFI is, it is firmware, or is it Microsoft's new Boot GUI? I've set my systems to boot Legacy mode, and since I did that, I have no trouble getting into Safe Mode.

    Does UEFI access your BIOS as well? That's what I'm worried about. The idea of not being able to access the BIOS from outside Windows 8 makes me itch. I think the Legacy Menu may allow that though - You can set it to Legacy, and if you can't access the Bios, then you can switch it back. I forget the command lines to set it, but they are in a tutorial here. It's BCDedit.
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    I'm not sure why you think you need to go back to Legacy boot, unless you're trying to boot something really really really old... Ubuntu supports UEFI booting, so i'm not really sure why you are so concerned.

    You can also configure the Windows 8 boot manager to boot Ubuntu.

    LinuxBSDos.comDual-boot Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.10 on UEFI hardware -

    Still, the reason you are confused is because

    a) "Information", particularly information about Linux never dies. It stays out there, cluttering up google searches long after it's no longer useful. The Linux community really needs to get better about removing old content and/or archiving it, marking it obsolete, or something... Versions of Linux, and various packages evolve.. and the way they are configured changes, and the configuration options change, and the feature sets change over time.. Information that was true 6 months ago may not be true now, or may be partially true, or true but.. it should be done another way.

    b) Many people "Helpfully" post incorrect, or incomplete, or even just bizarrely done information. As in "this worked for me", and it may have.. but only because of their specific configuration, and you spend tons of time trying to make something work only to find out it doesn't apply to you. Or, the person did it the most backward way possible.. it may work, but just barely.

    Lots of people experiment, and write up their experiments.. and they often draw incorrect conclusions. You simply cannot rely on most of this information to be accurate, relevant, or even safe in most cases.

    Your problem is not Windows 8, your problem is that there's just so much crappy information out there. You have a Dell motherboard, and Dell's are not notorious for their firmware features.. they tend to have limited options.
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    Like the Asus MB in my HP system, an M2N NodusN... Absolutely NO configurations like I have in my regular M2N board. But at least Dells usually have plenty of configurable BIOS options. But where it says BIOS - UEFI, that means he can't get into it other than UEFI? Can that be switched?
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    Many thanks for the replies, especially to Mystere. Very good input and I agree with you totally about the out-dated information.
    Even though I have looked at the Linux sites I had not seen anything relative to booting Ubuntu with UEFI. I am most grateful to you for putting me on to this link. I will study this some more and hopefully get over my peeve with Ms Windows 8. I do think it has some super things and I really, really don't want to step back to Windows 7.
    I will mark this thread as solved and again, thanks everybody.
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