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Windows 8 Freezes Randomly

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    Windows 8

    Windows 8 Freezes Randomly

    Hello guys,

    I've faced with an issue which I am unable to look for a solution to on the internet.

    I am currently running on Windows 8 (64-Bit), it has been fine for one small issue. At random moments, my Windows will 'freeze' up, causing me to perform a force reboot. During the 'freeze', I am able to move the mouse and stuff, however, I am unable to open a new window, right-click or even perform a Ctrl + alt + del.

    1) When I attempt to open a new File Explorer or even Google Chrome, the icon on the Taskbar will begin flashing but soon disappears after a while. Nothing Happens.

    2) When I perform a right-click, the 'loading' logo on the mouse appears to be in a loop. Nothing Happens.

    3) Nothing happens when Ctrl + Alt + Del is pressed.

    Just wondering, have anyone experienced such issues? If so, is there any solution to this issue?

    Pardon me as I am very very new to Windows 8.

    Thanks in Advance!

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    Hello Jerms,

    It would be best to also provide additional information relative to your system specs and configuration (ie, single drive, dual-boot, RAID, etc). Good luck.

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    Hello JustATest,

    Thanks alot for the tips. Not sure if what information is required, I have attached my System Specification.

    Also, not running on Dual-boot. Just pure Windows 8 (64-Bit). However I have 2 drives, 1 SSD (for OS and stuff) and HDD (for storage).

    PC was configured by my brother who won't be back to help solve the issue so I have very little clue to this.

    Thanks again!
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Well you say it has frozen a few times, the important thing is to check your OS drive for errors, since it is SSD, you will have to download the tools for that drive from whoever made it. You'll want to check for any kind of read errors, and allow the SSD Drive scanning program to fix it. You cna find out the brand of the SSD drive by right clicking My Computer and choosing Manager, go to Device Manager.

    IN the device manager, look at your hard drives, it will say who made your SSD drive. Mark down the model number too, it will ne listed with it.

    Then go to that manufacturer's website and look for the SSd Drive, and download any scanning programs they have, you will have to make a boot disk for it. You cannot run the program under Windows, especially with a System drive.

    Normally I would say, download GWscan and test the drive with that, but it's an SSD drive, the makers should have special drive testing tools for it.
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Windows 8 Freezes Randomly
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