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Windows 8.1 refuses to sleep

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    I just wanted to pipe in to add that I've been encountering this problem (computer won't sleep on a timer) since upgrading to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8 (both 64 bit) the day it was released. I have read this entire thread thoroughly (as well as several others in other forums) and have tried every single idea which has been brought up and more through testing on my own. I even created a Win8.1 DVD (that was an adventure) and re-installed Win8.1-64 from scratch - no change. I use a Microsoft Account to sign into Windows. As others have posted, after a reboot my computer might sleep a handful of times before eventually hitting the insomnia mark upon which time it won't sleep on a timer again. Manually putting the thing to sleep works fine and the computer stays asleep. I did not have the same problem in Win8-64 or Win7-64.

    I have found that only one of two things work reliably for me and these are workarounds, most certainly not solutions. If I SIGN OUT the computer sleeps reliably after the two hour timer I've set passes. I also created a NON MS Account for testing purposes. If I sign into that account the computer sleeps reliably on a timer.

    The only other thing I want to try before chalking this up to yet another famous MS bug and moving on is LOCKING the computer instead of actually signing out. I doubt this will work but plan on trying it anyway.

    And when I say I've tried everything in this thread, I do mean every single idea with multiple hours of testing for each one. I've been following the thread since close to the day OP posted and just felt I should share my experience to possibly help out as so many others have done.

    I just noticed that after signing out from my MS Account, verifying the computer sleeps, then signing back in using the MS Account the computer sleeps again a handful of times, as when I described it does temporarily after a reboot.

    EDIT again:
    Didn't seem worth making another post for this but using <windows>+L to lock the computer instead of signing out the user did not allow the computer to sleep. This is what I expected would happen.
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    Still no improvement for me with yesterday's wave of new updates - so there's at least no definitive solution before 2014. Perhaps Microsoft wants us to sit it out until Windows 9 is released?
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    Hmmm, I've been following this thread, & others, since the release of 8.1. I originally installed it using the Windows Store & struggled with the 'Sleep' problem so I did a clean install using the ISO which made no difference either. I've tried the fixes mentioned but my Sleep problem always returns. The most success I had was to turn network discovery off, but that made it awkward to access my NAS.
    In the end I reinstalled Win 8.0 & my desktop now sleeps perfectly again. I was hoping that MS would issue a fix for this problem so that I could try 8.1 again, but no luck so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomdaws View Post
    In the end I reinstalled Win 8.0 & my desktop now sleeps perfectly again. I was hoping that MS would issue a fix for this problem so that I could try 8.1 again, but no luck so far.
    Yeppers, that's about what I did too, except that my new HP 500-056 crashed and burned with Windows 8.1 and had to go back to the factory for reinstall/repair of Windows 8.

    She's working fine on Win 8, and I'm not afraid of reinstalling 8.1, I just don't want the several headaches it causes . . . For now, I'll stay with Win 8.
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    I've been following this thread for a while and the only thing that worked for me was switching to a local account. I rarely use the app store and find skydrive to unreliable, so not a major issue. I'm just happy It now sleeps when it should.
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    Windows 8.1 (64-bit)

    Good news, Microsoft has resolved this issue in today's Windows 8.1 updates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maliksaad View Post
    Good news, Microsoft has resolved this issue in today's Windows 8.1 updates.

    I have not yet updated my computers, but it is possible that you are correct. Apparently, the following update was included with this month's updates. I don't know if it fixes our problems or not, but it was the only one that I saw which seemed like a possible fix:

    KB2909528 - Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1, or Windows Server 2012 R2-based computer never enters a DRIPS

    I'm very curious to know if any one else had performed the updates and had any success? It would be a relief to finally hear some positive news!

    Note: This update is included as part of update rollup KB2903939.

    Interestingly, I also saw that there was an update for Skydrive (KB2913320). However, I'm not sure that it is related to our problems though.

    Also, I read this paper from Microsoft about a new technology called "Connected Standby". This sounds really promising: Introduction to Connected Standby
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    Quote Originally Posted by maliksaad View Post
    Good news, Microsoft has resolved this issue in today's Windows 8.1 updates.
    O . . . K . . .

    How like Microsoft to never acknowledge the problem, then quietly go about fixing the problem without even telling us they're working on it. That is, if your information is correct.

    I'll wait a few days to hear from others in this thread.

    Now I'm wondering if MS will quietly fix the NumLock problem . . .
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    Not for me

    Quote Originally Posted by maliksaad View Post
    Good news, Microsoft has resolved this issue in today's Windows 8.1 updates.
    The update you cite has done nothing for my issue -- my computer still refuses to sleep and continues to wake up spontaneously after it is manually put to sleep.
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    Been a while! Welcome to Tomdaws and magilla to the Eightforums. Check out the tutorials on the site, they are terrific!

    I too have noticed a couple of things after the latest update. Suddenly my Newegg app is running again so MS did something to fix it as I have not changed anything with it.

    As for sleep, I THINK it is sleeping now. It certainly is not doing so quickly as it still takes a few minutes with the hard drive light flashing away randomly and sometimes showing a lot of activity. But it is progress!

    As someone posted to turn off logging into MS Live, I turned that off and uninstalled a program called Tuneup Utilities that "cleans the drive".

    As for folks like magilla, check out post #168 on page 17 that has the MOST COMMON reasons why the computer will not sleep. It sounds like you have the network adapter allowing wake ups in the device manager-properties-advanced power setting enabled.

    As with ALL "fixes" we have posted, time will tell if it is really fixed!
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Windows 8.1 refuses to sleep
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