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Windows 8.1 refuses to sleep

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    Yep, I am just about sleeped out as well. Thanks to all for the testing and comments. I, too, will keep looking on here but have lost confidence that I can find the cause.

    For me, it's disable the Power svc and carry on.

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    Same here, I feel lucky to have stumbled on this forum. The local account with skydrive shut down solution for sleep timer works for me. I will stick to it until something better comes up!
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    Windows 8.1

    Right ladies...

    I have a solution to this problem. It isn't a permanent fix, in fact it isn't a fix at all, but it's a reliable workaround.

    First, download WIZMO, which is a .Net command executor for the command line in Windows 7 and 8, it's designed to implement .NET features instead of Rundll32, which corrupts the stack in newer Windows OSses if you execute power management functions like hibernate and standby from Rundll32 calls.

    The link for WIZMO is here:

    1) Place WIZMO in your PATH (i.e. System32 or whatever path you like which is in the environment variables.)
    2) Go to CPanel -> Power Options -> Change When Sleeps -> Set to Never
    3) Go to Task Scheduler and create a task.
    4) Set task to run whether logged on or not with highest privileges (it needs to run as admin to work).
    5) Go to Triggers -> Create Trigger -> On Idle, save and close that applet.
    6) Go to Conditions. Select start task only if idle for (x minutes, however long you want). Under wait for idle, select 'Do Not Wait'.
    7) Select stop if computer ceases to be idle, select restart if idle state resumes.
    8) Go to Settings. Select 'Allow Task to Run On Demand'. Select 'Run as soon as possible ... schedule missed'. Select stop task if runs: longer than 3 days. Select 'If does not stop when requested, force stop'.
    9) Go to Actions. Create an Action. Under Action, select 'Start a Program'. Below, type the path to WIZMO (e.g. C:\wizmo.exe). Under arguments, type 'standby' without quotes.
    10) Save your task and test. Note: this will only work if your system is capable of being idle and if the background service is enabled for task scheduler (default is enabled on fresh install, if not enable by running services.msc).

    I hope that helps everybody. For the guy above, please don't disable power management service as this will cut off your audio and put up your electricity bill significantly as everything will be running at 100% power state.

    Comments invited below with questions or thanks.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit GA

    WhiteTiger, welcome to the eightforums! Check out the tutorials on this site as there are some very good ones.

    Thanks for the tip about the Power service. I realized in the advanced power services menu was the listing for processor power throttle down to like 5%. Makes sense that would also get turned off. I also found that I could only play MP3s in stereo instead of 5.1 settings. Good to know.

    I did start fooling with task scheduler and realized that I could probably kludge together a timer setup. It would defeat the purpose of the ability to quickly change the sleep timer tho, which is a key thing that I use a lot. Someone pulled up a gem that turned on an extra timer in the advanced sleep setting that seemed to work as well, but again involved more steps to change than I was willing to make every time I wanted to give myself more time before sleep (it's buried in here somewhere in all these posts, I swear!).

    I just leave my sleep set to 3 hours and use the power button which I am getting very used to. If sleep does work, great! otherwise, I will manually sleep it the next I am on the computer.

    Thanks folks for the attaboys. We gave it a GREAT run for the money and I am amazed at the creativity and sheer perversity which we tackled the problem!
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    Maybe if enough people email Microsoft someone will get an answer:;en;1539

    or chat with them & other options:

    Then again, maybe no help will be given.

    It won't hurt to try.
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    I too have have mostly given up on fixing my sleep problem, for now. I have put too much time into this without resolution. Disabling Skydrive has helped but is not the answer. Interesting that my PC will sleep reliably as long as I do not have a browser open. Any browser open will stop sleep. Well, since I always have multiple browser windows open, my PC never sleeps unless I remember to force sleep. Well, that's the problem, I usually walk away from my desk and forget. I too am trying to develop a habit of forcing sleep. Thanks for all of the help here. I will continue look here for a permanent solution. It really bothers me that my Win 8.1 laptop sleeps without fail and I can't figure this out for my desktop.
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    morning... mine is still slightly unreliable with skydrive disabled..... so I have finally taken the step of unlinking my account from my Microsoft account. The is an easy way, without creating a new login, or creating a new profile (I have read blogs which say that's the way)...


    1. Go to the user accounts settings window (settings from metro, change pc settings at the bottom, then accounts on the right.)2. Instead of creating a new account, select "Your Account."
    3. Select "Disconnect" under your email address.
    4. Enter your MS Live password.
    5. Enter your local user account name and password.
    6. You are now back to a local user account
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    Manchester CT
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit GA

    Rob, did me no good to go to a local account (and I tried many times). Right now, I am back to where I was (Logged into MS Live, Skydrive enabled, Homegroup enabled, etc) and I sleep just about as much BEFORE I did all that. Don't bother.
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    Tried the whitetiger workaround. Didn't work. Manually running the task invokes sleep so it is not the action bit that is wrong.

    The long and short of it for me seems to be that the idle state is not being recognised. And asking the scheduler to detect the idle state doesn't change the basic defect. This conclusion is also reinforced with the screen shutoff when running a video.

    Ho hum. Back to ground zero.
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    Windows 8.1 = 1; troubleshooting crew = 0

    We have to submit to the dark side! Lol
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Windows 8.1 refuses to sleep
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