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Windows 8.1 refuses to sleep

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    Quote Originally Posted by goatfish View Post
    Hi All

    I don't think this has been covered in the last 23 pages on the 8/8.1 insomnia issue....

    In the end, the fix that worked for me - on BOTH machines - was to uninstall the proprietary software which came with each SSD and let Windows do all the optimization etc and BINGO!
    Sadly, my poor Lady Dual Boot is a self-built mochine using not so state-of-the-art parts. IOW, she started out as a brand new build and as new stuff became available, then became "last year's model", thus cheaper, I "rebuilt. The motherboard, hard drives, RAM, etc. have all been changed out. The hard drives have gone from 120 GB IDE to 1 TB SATA. The current DVD drive was once a CD drive upgraded to a CD RW, then to DVD+. Of course, the nVidia graphics card has also been upgraded a few times.

    This machine, although a bit long in the tooth since the last "rebuild" has been a workhorse and has never given me a bit of trouble. Ah, but I digress . . .

    So, as you can see, I don't have an SSD, nor is this mochine an OEM. Regular HDDs don't come with any proprietary stuff on them, so that's out. From reading in this forum, and even in this thread, I suspect that what I've just described is pretty much the norm. Also, as you can tell, I'm a hardware person with a lot of experience installing operating systems and the bare necessities. Which doesn't at all equate understanding what's going on inside that OS or those programs.

    Having said all that, the point is that your solution doesn't work for me. And sadly, it won't work for anyone who doesn't have an SSD card in their machines.

    Bottom line? You've given me food for thought . . . Once my new (broken) HP 500-056 (gotta give that lady a name) sans SSD card is returned around Nov. 20, if she doesn't sleep properly I will be sure to uninstall all the "improper" stuff included first to see if that will work. Since this is my first OEM (except for laptops) in about 20 years, I don't have a lot of 'sperience in that area, but I'll download C Cleaner and go to work.

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    Hi I join this conversation since I'm struggling too with the sleep issue. Since Win 8.1 it is a war we are losing. It's incredible how many things that prevent PC from sleep it's mind blowing. So far, to have a successful sleep, I needed to do 3 things:

    1) No files and printer sharing ------------> POWERCFG /REQUESTS srvnet
    2)The USB dongle unifying from Logitech. You need to install the drivers, then UNPLUG and re-plug the device. It will install the drivers again (don't know why)
    3) Update the Realtek driver

    Same here it's a fresh install of win 8.1

    I was thinking that the big update would have solved the problem, but I woke to find my fu***ng PC is still running. Unplug the Ethernet driver and it goes to sleep. I really want to cry. I red this thread hoping that someone would have found a solution, but nothing so far.

    I run an older machine and the problem is still the same.

    Is someone knows if logging to a local account instead of a Microsoft account would make a difference or it doesn't change anything?
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    Shutting power services is the only solution that actually works for me. I will stick to it until something more reasonable is discovered. In the meantime I feel a lot of animosity towards MSFT for releasing a half baked operating system and for making me waste so much of my time. Balmer was a knucklehead, and it is a good thing that he is on his way out. I hope the next person to take on the job will be more pragmatic and less of a moron.
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    Getting disillusioned with 8.1, too. IE crashes a lot, now, as well.

    I am not an MS basher at all as I have had MANY years of stable running but 8.1 has definitely reduced the stability of my previously well behaved machine. Just feels like a few of us are left out in the cold with no way of fixing things.

    On the sleep issue, it would be interesting to replace the file responsible for the Power manager with the corresponding Win 8 one. Wonder whether it would be simple to do or whether several files are involved?

    Like prism, I am back to disabling the power svc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linw View Post
    Getting disillusioned with 8.1, too. IE crashes a lot, now, as well.

    On the sleep issue, it would be interesting to replace the file responsible for the Power manager with the corresponding Win 8 one. Wonder whether it would be simple to do or whether several files are involved?

    Like prism, I am back to disabling the power svc.
    Hmmm, great minds and all that . . . I too have wondered about replacing files, but I was thinking more on the line of Windows 7. And wondering too how hard it would be to do.

    I ain't the one to do the research though, since I don't understand anything about what's under the hood of Windows.

    Y'know, a thought just came to my mind, which is dangerous, I know, but . . .

    Windows started out as not very stable, but most of us took to it like a duck to water. Win 3.0, 3.1, 95, 98 all got better and better. Then, we had:

    Windows 98 - Pretty Good
    Windows ME - Disaster
    Windows XP - Vast Improvement
    Windows Vista - Pretty much a Disaster
    Windows 7 - Vast Improvement and the best and most stable OS yet.
    And now . . . drum roll please . . . or not . . . Windows 8/8.1

    Get the picture? Ever since Windows 98, every other revision has been less than adequate, and so it is with Windows 8/8.1. And no, I'm not bashing Microsoft. But I do wish they'd listen to their beta testers. If they did, they might hit a few more out of the park like Windows 7.

    I just can't consider faster an improvement over "everything just works" when it comes to comparing Win 7 to Win 8.
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    Resolution of the Win8.1 Sleep Issue

    I have exactly the same issue since upgrading to Window's 8.1 from 8.0. I also had the same issue when I loaded the preview.

    Here is what I know.

    My issue is evident from the system receiving srvnet power requests. This can be seen if you go to an elevated command prompt and execute the command

    powercfg /requests

    Output is:
    [DRIVER] \FileSystem\srvnet
    An active remote client has recently sent requests to this machine.


    I have traced this back to homegroup and network discovery issues.

    The theory is simply this. The HomeGroup and Computer Browser services rely on the SMB 1xx and SMB 2xx services, which in turn rely on the srvnet.sys driver. These services facilitate connections from other PC's on the network. When a srvnet power request is evident, restarting the SMB service (srv) using the sc command clears the power request, only for it to re-appear later. Therefore I believe the bug is in the SMB set of services. Disabling both HomeGroup and Network Discovery effectively make this service inert and hence no srvnet power requests holding your PC from going to standby.

    In the November patch Tuesday, there looks like a patch to srv.sys (SMB 1xx service) in the Update for Windows 8.1 (KB2887595) update. However, they have not patched srv2.sys, which supports the SMB 2xx service. As a result, re-enabling homegroup and network discovery causes the issue to re-surface.

    As I see it, you have three choices:

    1. Forget about power management and either live with it, or manually put your PC to standby, or shut it down, when you are not using it (OK for laptops and tablets)
    2. Disable Homegroup and Network Discovery using the control panel/advanced network settings
    3. Setup a power request override for srvnet.sys using the powercfg command (possibly only available to pro users).

    You can use the following command when logged in as administrator and in a command prompt:
    powercfg -requestsoverride driver srvnet system

    This does have consequences, so a last resort. To remove them you need to edit the registry at

    and removing the entry for srvnet under Drivers. There is no easy way to do this.

    One other issue I have found is that I get rdbss power requests when I shutdown a metro app by swiping down from top to bottom. In Win8.1 this only kills the process, but leaves the memory in place, and if you have opened a file across your network the file will remain open. You need to swipe from top to bottom, wait for the reduced app windows to twist, then drag it off the screen - this also clears the memory and any open files. This is now needed in Windows 8.1, but not in Win 8.0.

    You can see the full thread on my investigation at the following location on the forum:

    Windows 8.1 RTM Update Will Not Go to Standby - Microsoft Community

    I hope this helps.
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    Welcome goatfish, orbital, and ajm to the eightforums! You have come to the right place as this is THE place to investigate the Non Sleep issue with Win8.1 release version. Check out the tutorials posts here for a lot of remarkable and informative tips and tricks.

    Amazing amount of detailed information by the new posters.

    Goatfish, I have not heard a peep about any issue with SSDs but since I own FOUR 250GB Samsung EVOs (at $129 each with free shipping at Hugo Beauty, why not!) and one Samsung Pro I will certainly give it a try!

    Orbital, I have heard about the srvnet issues as it was one of the earliest posts about sleep. Unfortunately, I have yet to see it. My requests usually look like this so I have not pursued it:
    Click image for larger version

    Ajm, a remarkable piece of deductive reasoning and a boatload of detailed information! Well done and I greatly appreciate your sharing! I too pinned it down to the Homegroup file and printer sharing as it completely fits with the reason why unplugging or disabling the network adapter would fix the sleep issue.

    If you read through this now massive post, you will see that I pinned all my hopes on getting Homegroup completely out of the picture. And I did it. File and printing sharing used guest accounts, share with everyone, and a succession of turn off/on network discovery, disabling Homegroup from using password, and on/off file sharing. IT DIDN'T WORK. I was heartbroken and just went and enabled Homegroup again as it was a lot easier to manage. You can go this route (there is a link to a free Maximum PC magazine with a detailed article about creating a network without using homegroup in these posts) but I was pretty thorough and didn't miss anything important that I could tell.

    Finally, I too have posted that fingers may be pointed at the new Start Menu/Metro page apps as possible culprits. There is another post here: Windows 8.1: Most Metro Apps crash immediately at launch
    about apps crashing to desktop that conveniently started up only after the final release of Win8.1. I had that problem too and still have a few apps that refuse to work. As for memory still being there, I run ModernMix by Stardock that lets me kill the app with a window's red X. I do not see any remnants of it in the Task Manager processes after that. Do YOU see errant processes and memory usage in the Task Manager somewhere?

    Here is a brief summary of MY findings. First, go to post 168 and make sure that you have tried all the simple solutions that I have found BEFORE Win8.1 final that gave my computers insomnia. Next is a list that directly affects my sleep (thanks to Prism maybe? for that find of disabling the Power service!)

    1. Removing or disabling the network adapter will cure sleep.
    2. Disballing (ah the joys of auto correct and old fingers) the POWER service in msconfig will let it sleep.
    3. Rebooting the computer with a COLD BOOT will allow it to sleep FOR A TIME then it just...stops for no good reason.
    4. Two out of the 3 computers running in the house sleep fine.
    ( a forth will be Linux for my Com Sci PhD program at Brown to use at home- no Windows for him!). Only my Haswell with the Samsung Pro has issues.

    I will be heavily editing this post so reread it occasionally ( I am a perfectionist so it is expected!)

    Thank you!

    EDIT 2013-12-28 This did not fix the problem. For me, a MS update on Dec 11th fixed it.
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    John, I am at the same place as you. No requests in powercfg

    I left the Microsoft account for a local account to see what will happen.

    By the way, if disabling Realtek solve the issue then a rogue request by Modern UI is suspected. I don't use modern so I can live without microsoft store.

    I red the other post about memory kept by OS even after closing apps. So I'll try to use my PC without using modern to see what will happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by orbitalfenestra View Post
    John, I am at the same place as you. No requests in powercfg

    I left the Microsoft account for a local account to see what will happen.

    By the way, if disabling Realtek solve the issue then a rogue request by Modern UI is suspected. I don't use modern so I can live without microsoft store.

    I red the other post about memory kept by OS even after closing apps. So I'll try to use my PC without using modern to see what will happen.
    Orbit, I have gone from logging onto MS Live and using local account many, many times and it does not change anything. By disabling Realteck, I asume that means your Realtek network adapter. I turned off Modern for a while when trying to fix broken apps but I did not see any difference in sleep. As you can tell, I have tried damn near everything!

    BTW, I uninstalled the Samsung Magician software and went into device manager and uninstalled the SSD driver and let MS put in its own.
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    In reply to johnpombrio in post 490.

    I failed to mention that you can disable HomeGroup completely by going to the group policy, which is what I did. However, that wasn't enough and disabling the network discovery options worked as long as I tested it.

    Here are more detailed instructions:

    In Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc), go to:
    Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\HomeGroup
    and Enable "Prevent computer from joining a homegroup"
    Disable the following services from starting up in the System Configuration app on the services tab. This
    will also disable them in the services app on Win8.
    + HomeGroup Listener
    + HomeGroup Provider

    This totally kills HomeGroup.

    Disabling network discovery also stops the Computer Browser service. You can still remote session onto PC's and discover them using the PC network address (e.g. \\server\) in explorer. You can also share out an attached printer using standard Windows networking (mine is attached by USB and to the nework for other users).

    To detect the power requests I wrote a short batch script and automated it with the scheduler, triggering it every 5 minutes and appending output to a logfile. I saw srvnet, rdbss, power requests, as well as the disk optimiser kicking in, WMP when playing a video full screen, windows update installing patches, etc. There are legitimate reasons for overriding standby. There are legitimate reasons for srvnet to also restrict standby, but I am willing to live with these consequences as I don't share files out of my PC.

    I haven't tried killing the power service, but from what I read it will limit functionality I want to keep. Doing the srvnet power request override does work, although a bit of a last resort.

    I will test again when the January 2014 update is issued.

    I saw memory remnants in task manger following a rdbss power request being logged and being held open for 3 hours against a photo I opened earlier using the photos app. Killing the task in task manger freed up the memory. So did the gesture I spoke of above. I tried Stardock ModernMix, but I found I didn't use it that much, so didn't buy the licence. I may buy it anyway just to get the kill button.

    Removing the network adaptor, the cable, etc., did nothing for me. I have updated the network drivers, video drivers, etc. to the most recent versions.

    It would be interesting to find out if the PC's people are finding standby issues with are older PC's. Mine is a custom build, some 6 years old (I drive hardware into the ground) on an ASUS commando MB.
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Windows 8.1 refuses to sleep
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