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Windows 8.1 refuses to sleep

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    Uninstall VirtualBox!

    samsung s5 handyhülle
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    Quote Originally Posted by bru View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by NCguy View Post
    Just install StandbyHelper and forget about it until the code is rewritten (if ever). I still follow the thread out of curiosity but I am certainly no longer stressed out over sleep issues. It really is a simple fix with no side affects.
    Several including myself have reported StandbyHelper does not work.

    My update: Running a local account allowed my computer to sleep. Until I joined a HomeGroup then it became hit or miss.

    My Windows 7 computers (one is my workhorse desktop with dozens of programs, the other is a laptop with nothing on it just like my Win 8) both sleep just fine belonging to the same HomeGroup.

    The problem is Windows 8.1. No doubt about it.
    Local account rule!! Lol
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    Another vote for local account. Not saying it is 'the answer' but I think it helps.
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    Another bunch of updates yesterday. Think mine still sleeps!!
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    Got quiet here.....

    I found this. Perhaps this doesn't work correctly for some?

    InstantGo: a better way to sleep
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    Quote Originally Posted by HippsieGypsie View Post
    Got quiet here.....

    I found this. Perhaps this doesn't work correctly for some?

    InstantGo: a better way to sleep
    Very interesting. Thanks for that tip. Apparently my relatively new intel mb doesn't support it. Fortunately in my case StandbyHelper continues to supply the badly needed basic sleep functions. I'll make sure the next mb has the support.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linw View Post
    Another bunch of updates yesterday. Think mine still sleeps!!
    And the update did not fix my sleep issue. Still need to use Standby. BTW, if there is a prominent dialog box open (to log in and the like), my computer will not sleep. Some sort of interrupt driven issue, I assume.
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    Thanks for the pointer, Hippsie. My mobo (ASUS P8H77-MPro) doesn't support it, though.

    John, my system seems to be totally reliable sleepwise, now. Wish I knew what stabilised it. Maybe some other update, other than an OS update, fixed it? No idea, really, but it has been really good for over 5 weeks. It sometimes gets a legitimate srvnet request that keeps it awake but it will cancel that after a time and then sleep as per specs.

    Tested it with a login screen just now. It switched to the splash screen before the sleep timeout but then went happily to sleep on cue.

    So, wish you and the others here were seeing the same thing and wish I could tell you what seems to have fixed mine. Really seems to point to the situation where any one of a thousand things could cause it and each of us have a different one.

    I've got my fingers crossed (for me and you!).

    Cheers and nice to catch up again.

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    This topic is dying!!

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    Yeah, Orbital . . . they generally do when there's no real answer from Microsoft and a free app such as Standby Helper solves the problem for most.

    My thread on NumLock not being on at Startup has also died without a solution.

    Makes me wonder why we stick with Windows, but I'm still using it.
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Windows 8.1 refuses to sleep
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