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What's the Point of Start Menu for NON Touch Screen PC?

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    I would have found Metro more useful if they had allowed it to be contained in a window on the desktop, so not having to completely switch my environment. I also don't see how metro will work well when really multitasking.

    I tend to have 4 or more apps open in separate windows now, and copying pasting etc from one app to another. I don't see how with Metro I would be able to do that.

    Especially with the new 4K TVs coming out, these high resolution displays will be as cheap as HDTVs are now in a few years. I don't see any advantage to a desktop user with large and high res displays using Metro and lots of disadvantages to it.

    But I am still trying to learn how to use Metro so maybe I am just slow.

    I think if Metro could be contained in its own window on the desktop it would be more useful. Sort of like the old Program Manager that came with windows NT prior to NT 4.0.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo45 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Mystere View Post
    How, exactly, is it "horrid"?

    It's funny, but every time I ask this question of the start screen haters, all they can do is mumble something about not being designed for a keyboard and mouse, which is patently untrue.
    Hi there
    It really is HORRID if you have to endlessly scroll leftwards for about 7 KM to find something -- and if you install an application every wretched little .EXE file creates a stupid tile which can get inserted ANYWHERE on the start screen -- not necessarily within the main application - and often these .exe files aren't actually the executables you want to start anyway. (And please don't say use the SEARCH -- you might not know or can't remember the name - especially if it's a sub application that you don't use very often).

    this is the main disadvantage i see on start screen. while i don't use those programs with dozens of shortcuts, i do install many smaller applications so at the end is the same.

    sure you could babysit every one of the readme, helps, exe, uninstall, etc, that gets a tile but that just speaks about how the start screen is a letdown with desktop applications. On previous windows you did the inverse thing, you pinned to taskbar/start/desktop the couple of apps you most used, the big rest of the stuff was categorized inside all programs. On win8 you have to actually manage every shortcut of a program that gets installed

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What's the Point of Start Menu for NON Touch Screen PC?
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