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Windows "semi-freezing" on startup.

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    Windows "semi-freezing" on startup. [Please help!]

    Three weeks ago I bought a brand new Alienware X51 gaming computer (don't blame me, it was on sale!).
    Just today, when I boot it up, it works fine initially, but takes an abnormally long time to start up.

    After that, it freezes when I do certain things, but the mouse still moves.

    What causes it to freeze (so far):
    • Logging out (black screen with mouse)
    • Opening the Start menu, typing something and switching to Settings mode.
    • Opening the Start menu, typing something and clicking that
    • And other random things

    When I try to open Task Manager, it simply does nothing, no matter if I launch taskmgr.exe manually, or press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and clicking Task Manager.

    The system tray thing is still empty when I click the up arrow, save for an nVidia updater.

    • Alienware X51
    • Some kind of i5 (never looked really)
    • GTX 660

    That's about all I know.

    I have a lot of important data on there (like my 500gb media collection), and my external HDD just died, so reinstalling is not an option (also, I don't have a legitimate install disc).

    Please help me!
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    Windows 8

    Can anyone help me? Please?

    EDIT: Before this happened (the day before), Windows Problem Center (or whatever it's called) said something about 3 or more startup entries being added. Does this help?
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Windows "semi-freezing" on startup.
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