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Really Liking Windows 8

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    Really Liking Windows 8

    Wasn't sure exactly where to post this, no questions really, just some comments.

    I bought an ASUS G75 notebook a few months ago and it came w/Win 8 64-bit installed. I'm very pleased with Win 8 in all respects. (In fact I just built a new desktop a couple of weeks ago and bought Win 8 for it.) I've found it to be rock solid stable, much more so than the original releases of Vista and Win 7. And all the hullabaloo about the Start screen is a tempest in a teapot, if you ask me. First of all, there all several free programs that will give you the "traditional" start button and will boot right into the desktop, if you so desire. I barely even saw the start screen for the first couple of months I had my notebook. Then I started playing around with the start screen and now I've uninstalled the start button programs because I prefer the start screen. I think it looks very cool and I've set it up with just the programs and Metro apps that I want. (Stardock has an inexpensive program that puts apps in a traditional window, which makes them much easier to use w/o a touch screen.) I much prefer the start screen to the start button now, both aesthetically and practically.

    All in all, very happy with Win 8.

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    Glad you are enjoying Win 8. . .
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    Although my first thoughts weren't that good, after a year I can say that I like Win8 very much !

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    Great to see some positive feedback. Thanks for posting. :thumbup:

    I think the Modern/Metro UI with its Start Screen, All Apps, Store, Store Apps, and Charms bars is one of the greatest ideas in computing ever. A refreshing change from the desktop metaphor system.
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    I also like Win 8, just don't like Metro apps. I don't use the Start screen much but I unpinned all of the Metro apps from it and only have tiles for desktop apps which makes the Start screen somewhat useful. I don't use any 3rd party apps since I feel they aren't really needed.
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    Well i think we always hear more from who wants to complain
    than who is satisfied so here we go,

    i actually like windows 8 and i think that windows 8 is overall better than 7 because i got:

    less mouse clicking,
    better security with Defender,
    nice backups with file History,
    damm snappier startup (with my hardware)
    snappier system in general, maybe because i do less "mousing"
    remote desktop (8 pro) is awesome, for me the upgrade price was worth only for this feature
    still to investigate: storage managment, seems a nice way to manage a bunch of usb drives

    so yes i like it,

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    Windows 8

    I too really like Win8..had Win7 on my old laptop and it was nothing but issue after issue,the having to click what seemed like 10 times for each action I wanted to do was ridiculous.
    I absolutely love Win8 so uch easier to use and I agree the Start screen is genius,so much easier and faster to get to where I want to go. Soon I will be upgrading my Game Desktop to Win8..Nice to see positive feedback!

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    Welcome to Windows EightForums, JC8865 and Roy. It's good to have you both aboard.
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Really Liking Windows 8
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