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Windows won't boot without CD in drive.

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    Windows won't boot without CD in drive.


    I'm having a problem which I have been unable to solve and it's eating away at me. I have three hard drives. One is a Kingston Hyperx SSD 120GB. The other two are for internal storage and are WD 500GB Blacks. I recently upgraded my computer. My new mother board is the ASUS M5A99X. I installed Windows 8 just fine back in Dec 2012 and it worked up until April-Mayish. My USB Hub was causing my computer to halt before POST. After exchanging it with a new hub, I was able to boot just fine.

    Later that same day, I cleaned out the dust in my computer and added another harddrive. I wasn't able to boot Windows 8. It would just stop with a blinking cursor right before it should show the four blue panes. I went into BIOS and it didn't have my SSD listed. I accidentally unplugged the SATA cable for my SSD and forgot to plug it back in. After I plugged it back in I set the boot priority back to my SSD first.

    I still couldn't boot so inserted my Windows CD to reformat. After it says "Press any key to boot from CD...." I didn't press anything and it loaded into Windows just fine. I loaded Windows this way for a while until I was able to troubleshoot it. After reformatting, I get "Please select proper boot device.." message. If I put the CD in, that goes away and it loads into windows after saying "Press any key to boot from the CD..." Here's what I've done to troubleshoot so far:

    1. Set SSD to first in boot priority order in BIOS. Forced boot to my SSD in BIOS. Changed SATA from AHCI to RAID (lol) to IDE.

    I've used bootrec.exe and tried
    • bootrec /RebuildBcd
    • bootrec /fixMbr
    • bootrec /fixboot

    This still didn't resolve my issue.

    2. I flashed my BIOS to 1708 because it was going to fix an issue I had with a USB device.

    3. I reformatted Windows 8 with all drives unplugged except my SSD.

    4. I've unplugged all SATA devices except my harddrive and tried to boot.

    5. I've set the 2nd partition (90+GB) to active partition on my SSD.

    I can't seem to find a fix for the issue I'm having. Any help would be HUGELY appreciated! My next step is to RMA the motherboard and hope that will resolve it.


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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Your MBR has gotten ruined somehow. You'll have to fix that, then run the Bootrec program.

    If you can download Partition Wizard Home Ed, you can right click on your system drive over on the left side and it says "REbuild MBR" - After you do that, reboot to the Windows Install disk and run the Command Prompt and then run Bootrec again, fixing both the Boot and MBR. Warning, this is a risky process.
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Wait a sec - You said it is not listing your SSD drive. So - Sorry, don't TOUCH your SSD drive. If it is not being detected by the BIOS then it's not being detected.

    If you can download the tools for it from the MFG, you will have to check the drive, see why it is not detecting. It still may BE the MBR being bad, but before we go messing with Partition Wizard, we should run the Diagnostics which came from the MFG. Maybe your SATA cable is bad, it may be as simple as that.
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Windows won't boot without CD in drive.
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