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PCIe Hub & External USB Drive File transfer issue

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    USB Hubs & External USB Drive File transfer issue


    This is driving me nuts. Not sure what's happened and pretty sure I have not done anything to silly.

    Background : New Windows8 install all update and drivers : system running absolutely fine.
    Issue :Copying data from one drive to another via any hub on system resolves in the following :

    When transferring from one particular hard drive I select the files I wish to copy.

    Go to destination drive and paste.

    Starts ok and then the system reports files no longer there and popup windows shows :

    Could not find this item.
    This is no longer located in H:\. Veriofy the item's location and try again.
    Files name {Photos}
    Date created: date:time
    [Try Again], [skip], [cancel]

    [Retry] repeats the popup.
    [Skip] copies all the folders to the destination drive with no content so shows all directories but not files/data within. Not hidden as copies in a matter of seconds.
    [cancel] : well cancels.

    Go back to the origin drive and all folders and data are there in tact.

    Unmounted drive and the drive still appears in the MyComputer hard drive and folder structure. Displays files listed as if there. Click on the files and of course missing...the hard drive isn't even connected at this point.

    Only way to get rid of the ghost drive it's mysterious folders/files is to reboot.

    Put mystery drive on laptop and all works fine (managed to copy files successfully and as expected).

    I THOUGHT this was exclusive to the pcie usb hubs but it’s actually any hub on the system.

    Just tried another drive I can copy to and from and the problem has arisen again. However this time the destination drive is attached to the usb on a Dell monitor (4 port power hub built in I am guessing) hubtastic...grrr [IMG]file:///C:\Users\Mark\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image001.gif[/IMG]

    It also appears when ejecting drives they are still showing in the file directory structure but the contents not acquirable to use.

    On original system tried different USB ports, usb cables and so on with the PCIe usb hubs with both on one and both on either one card (so drive to hub 1 to hub2 to drive 2).
    Hard drives work fine on non usb hubs and other systems.

    Basically I have scaled it down to the files registering but not actually reading when played, transferred or activated etc.
    It's evidentially a hub issue but not sure why on all!

    Internal (motherboard) usb connected drives and internal drives work fine.

    Incidentally if a drive is connected to the hub when system boots system will hang on first bios (system spec)screen until disconnected and boot sequence continues fine.

    Before I remove the hubs and bin them I wanted to check if anyone came across this issue and know of a solution.

    Hardware :

    Various Lacie Drives - all usb 2 not 3. (Cards are apparently backwardly compatible.
    eLifeStore® 4 Ports USB 3.0 PCIE PCI Express Card

    eLifeStore® 4 Ports USB 3.0 PCIE PCI Express Card for PC with USB 3.0 Extension Cable (30CM), SuperSpeed 5.0Gbps, Support MS Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003/XP 64-bit/Vista /win 7: Computers & Accessories

    Transcend Information TS-PDC3 Combo PCI-e Interface Card 2 x USB 3.0

    Transcend Information TS-PDC3 Combo PCI-e Interface Card 2 x USB 3.0 2 x SATA III: Computers & Accessories

    i7 2.66
    ocz 12gb ram
    2 x ssd
    2x sata
    RME Firewire800 Audio

    Thanks for your time.
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    You can try going into device manager and turn on "view hidden devices" via the view menu. Once done, you can try deleting the problematic drive profile, allowing it to be rediscovered the next time it is plugged in. Who knows, maybe you'll get a different drive letter assignment this time. I periodically go in and clean out all my USB external drive profiles for no good reason; however, as an example, I currently have 2 USB flash drive profiles and 1 external ATA drive profile as shown below:

    Attachment 24048

    Good luck.

    Updated comment: On my machine, all the entries "boxed in red" would be OK to delete.

    The Kingston is a simple flash drive and has 2 entries
    The SanDisk is actually a mini-SSD (in a flash drive enclosure) and has 3 entries
    The F: is actually the ATA drive in a USB enclosure and has 3 entries
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    Great tip ... will give it a go. Thank you.

    Incidentally...if I delete all the 'greyed' out hubs and and storage devices under the USB Controllers header will that cause any issues as I am guessing they will be recognised and reinstall on next boot up?

    Seems a good tip if regularly plugging in various sub devices; hard drive, phones, usb sticks and so.
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    If you look at my example, I can tell you that I am confident that I can delete all those entries without issue. Moreover, I can also add that I have successfully deleted all other greyed out entries (with a code of 45) in the past without issue, and, yes, anything that is deemed to be essential should be rediscovered on reboot. Good luck.
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    Sorry for the late comeback.

    Sorted it.

    You were absolutely right, removed all the hidden redundant usb mass storage devices and a few others.

    Working lovely again.

    Amazing, never hit this issue with Windows7 maybe a W8 thing or just timing.

    Thank you
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    Glad you got it fixed and thank you for the acknowledgement too!
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PCIe Hub & External USB Drive File transfer issue
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