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Combine Two Partitions In Windows 8

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    Hi there
    EXTENDING a partition from within windows itself isn't a good idea

    Use FREE GPARTED or something like that.

    I don't like "Storage Spaces" however using SPANNED VOLUMES allows you to aggregate several separate disks so Windows sees it as a SINGLE DRIVE -- although if you lose a volume you lose the lot - so take backups of important data.

    These days also with GPT drives and UEFI BIOS you should be quite careful if you want to extend partitions using Windows -- a separate bootable partition manager like GPARTED (FREE) is always better IMO. Also there's usually no restriction on the mount you can extend the partition by.


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    Quote Originally Posted by XweAponX View Post
    How if he used "Extend" on the partition from within ms partition manager.
    That only works if the unallocated space is immediately adjacent to the right of the partition you want to extend. In other cases one has to use OEM programs - e.g. this:

    How to extend partition easily with partition magic ? Partition Wizard video help.
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    I pretty much use Paragon to do this kind of stuff, someone else was asking how to merge two consecutive partitions, they wanted to know if it could be done from within windows. I told them about the extend option, but advised against using it, telling them to download partition wizard instead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystere View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by lfchisholm View Post
    Mystere I hope I am not doing something wrong here. On my wife's computer I had created a drive of 50 gig. to hold some files. Now I am adding a ext. hard drive on her 3.0 usb port. I want to delete her created drive after I copy it to the ext. and I don't know or have not seen a good way to add that space back to C: drive.
    I tried "Disk Management" at the start screen and it came back no apps found.
    I am running windows 8 pro and hers is 8 basic.
    new hp all in one desktops.
    I believe her drive is M and on the hard drive which is 1 t byte.
    thank you
    First, you can reach Disk Management from the start screen by typing "Disk Management" and then you need to select the Settings category under the search box (it has an icon that looks like a cog), it will then show an entry that says "Create and format hard disk partitions"

    Second, the C:\ drive (assuming it's your boot and system partition, which is typically the case) has some restrictions on resizing, but if your free space is directly behind your C:\ drive, then you should be able to extend the partition into it. You should see something that looks like this:

    Attachment 29133
    quickest was to disk management is to right click on the stat icon lower left corner and click on disk mangement
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    Hey guys, I'm not sure if it's the correct thread to ask (as I'm new here) but I'd like to have some advices on how to combine two partitions (drives?) on Windows 8 without screwing everything up.

    So here's the issue:
    1.I have a C: drive (94GB) and a D: drive(54.9GB), also an E: drive (147GB) on my laptop.
    2. I normally use my E: as a 'storage drive', aka it's not a point of interest.
    3. The point of interest is drive C and drive D. I have Win 8 installed on drive C, and I have Win 7 installed on drive D.
    4. The question is: Is it possible to delete drive D's Win7, and everything else in there, and then MERGE drive D with drive E without screwing Win8's function (on drive C)?
    5. I don't really use Win7 anymore, as I find Win8 way better, so I'd like to be with only one OS and 2 drives.
    Additional question would be: Is 94 GB enough for Win8 only to be on drive C?
    6. How would you recommend me to execute that operation without many troubles?
    7. Thanks in advance

    Do you think that will do for me?
    Merge Hard Drive Partition in Windows 8 | TechzaneTechzane

    Make D: go to E: without losing data on E: or C: ?
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    wolfram, if you want any attention to your problem, I suggest you post your own thread. Here you are unlikely to get any answers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolframz View Post
    The question is: Is it possible to delete drive D's Win7, and everything else in there, and then MERGE drive D with drive E without screwing Windows 8's function (on drive C)?
    C: drive (94 GB)
    D: drive (54.9 GB)
    E: drive (147 GB)

    You can merge D and E drives, but you must delete E: drive (NOT D: drive).

    1. Format drive D

    2. You have to back up any important data from drive E (to C and/or D)

    3. Select drive E - Delete it by right clicking on the selected drive and then selecting Delete Volume

    4. Select drive D - Extend volume by right clicking on the selected drive and then selecting Extend Volume

    Quote Originally Posted by wolframz View Post
    Additional question would be: Is 94 GB enough for Win8 only to be on drive C?
    It's your choice.

    You can also merge C and D drives.

    1. Select drive D - Delete it by right clicking on the selected drive and then selecting Delete Volume

    2. Select drive C - Extend volume by right clicking on the selected drive and then selecting Extend Volume (see screenshot below)

    Click image for larger version
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    Big thanks genet, appreciate it!
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    Neither of those actually "merges" the partitions. It just deletes one and extends the other. Merging would indicate you are combing the contents of both to create a single drive.

    Basically, without third party software, this is the best you can do.
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    You helped ME though

    Well, the forum admins seem a little harsh here.

    But you did help me today! And you're post is also scoring pretty well in Google for 'merge partition' by now (2 years later). You mainly helped me by mentioning the Computer Management application of Windows 8 in the context of partition merging. I didn't know the tool existed and had scourged the internet for tools this week on a 'burning-the-midnight-oil' evening trying installing a new harddisk. I found a lot of tools, but only all stuff that does more advanced stuff related to partitioning turns into paid software.

    So I got myself into a little bit of a mess when upgrading my hard disk (SSD) to a bigger one. I used Windows 8's System Recovery to backup my complete system (e.g. create an image), since the disk I was replacing was m only one (e.g. it was the bootdisk). Everything worked really well, except that my new 250GB SSD drive after restore also was indicated to be 120GB, the size of my old SSD :S.

    In the end I managed to turn the extra space into another partition using Minitool Partition Magic Free software. But now using your post I could create ONE BIG file space again, just by using an inbuild Windows program.

    I already paid for Win8, so better use it to it's fullest .
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Combine Two Partitions In Windows 8
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