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Audio and Mouse stuttering - Please Help

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    Audio and Mouse stuttering - Please Help

    Hi, I'm Locky,

    I am usually a pretty competent computer user, and have never had to post on a forum for help, but I am by no means skilled, thus I came here seeking help. I'll give you as much detail as I can, I am very much in need of help.

    I have been experiencing a problem the last few days with audio and pointer stuttering. As far as I know I haven't changed anything on my computer that may cause this but seemingly randomly this error has sprung up.

    My audio glitches up at 10-20 second intervals, (sometimes even 2-3sec) and simultaneously my mouse stutters. I have tried updating drivers, and have googled for help but nothing has worked. This error occured around the same time internet shopping extensions were added to my google chrome without my permission, but I cannot recall which happened first.

    Naturally I have run ASC and AVG as well as Malware bytes, basically all the anti-virus software I have, but this yielded no results.

    I have looked in my services tray and discovered that vsmon.exe has a far higher CPU time value than I expect it to, but other than this I can't find anything unusual.

    The stuttering has made using my computer frustrating, and it bothers me that a brand new laptop is wigging out. Prior to this error the only other problem I've had has been a random system crash which while scary, seemed to be fixed by a system restore, to this day I have no idea what caused it.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, I have no idea how to proceed.
    Thanks in advance,


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    Need more info: Wired or wireless mouse and type (USB or PS2)? Integrated audio or PCI card? USB speakers? If wireless mouse, did you try replacing the battery or going wired for a test?
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    Audio is a "low priority" item and is always on a shared IRQ (Interrupt) with a higher priority device.

    However, my Windows 7 system which is used for my recording studio was running perfectly, no latency or dropout problems. I installed Google Chrome and immediately started having dropouts in recording, and running the DPC Latency checker showed high regular spikes (the DPC Latency checker currently is invalid for Win 8). I traced the problem back to the Google Updater program. I uninstalled Chrome but the updater program did not uninstall. I tried several things to get rid of it but ultimately had to manually edit the registry to get rid of the multitude of registry entries. Once I got rid of all the updater entries, and restarted the PC, I was back to no dropouts and no DPC Latency checker spikes.
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    Question - How often does your system do Automatic Optimization on the Drives? I set mine to "Daily" at 2:00am. You should check that.

    Also, how is the health of your hard drives, I had Windows 7 giving me the same problem before I upped to to 8. It turned out my main hard drive was developing what GWscan calls "Read Element Failure" - Once I ran a full scan with GWscan, it found the errors on my disk and fixed them. Western Digital has WDdiag which is the same program, and Seagate has a Dos Drive Scanner which does the same thing. GWscan is a tool made by Gateway that has the ability to scan a wide variety of drives. So I would check your Drive Health first, then a full CHKDSK, and then try Optimising your Drives.
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Audio and Mouse stuttering - Please Help
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