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Do you agree the Windows 8.1 Start Button is a Joke?

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    I haven't read alot of the other 79 posts but I will agree (ditto) with you but disagree as well.

    It is not easy to have a conversion with someone about Windows who does not know about Ctrl Alt Del and has to google how to turn it off. Or they complain because only 1 click will do, 2 or 3 are too much.
    Or they say, that's not how I used to do it.

    Not referring to (you) TM, but the "real" pc user doesn't understand much about how a computer works.
    Knowing how to click a start button to get at documents or email does not constitute knowledge.

    with NO steering wheel, or foot pedals
    I would take issue in defining the "old metro" as unintuitive.
    The tile system is obviously intuitive and informative (live tiles).

    What were people complaining about? Where is the start menu? Where is the desktop?
    Everything was there but people could not figure it out. Most never knew Win X was there.
    Some people thought the metro start screen was the desktop.

    My neighbor needed help all the time because he couldn't figure out
    what to do with the left and right buttons on the mouse.

    It's not that it didn't work, because it works amazingly well, it's that most found it to be ugly!

    8 is certainly not conventional, it was a venture into something new, called the "store"
    and the integration of "touch" code.

    Anyway, the gripes I saw in 2012 were about scrolling and jarring and the UI freak show.
    Also the "charms" would get in their way. Really?

    Windows 10 has a start screen. It is not abandoned.
    A full screen metro start page (if enabled) transparently sits on top of the desktop.

    The button in 8.1 was a joke to those that found the metro page to be useless.
    I would have to spend too much time here to explain tiles vs desktop icons.

    The point being that tiles are simply the same as desktop icons only they have other usage.

    How many times have you been to a "big box store" and the section that sells Apple PC's had an Apple specialist there. I have walked into this so-called store and often found that there was a training group there to learn how to use the MAC.

    Exactly how many "real" pc users know how to operate a MAC?
    Apple computers do not have a start menu.

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    win8.1.1 enterprise

    Ditto to all of that ,nt62
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Do you agree the Windows 8.1 Start Button is a Joke?
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