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Do you agree the Windows 8.1 Start Button is a Joke?

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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there
    What I would like is for the start button to be able to say launch one of my Custom toolbars e.g Programs. I'm sure the start button will have SOME functionality at some point in the future --currently it just seems a bit pointless.


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    Quote Originally Posted by andyparks View Post
    How do I upgrade to windows 8.1 can any body tell me how and I don't want to use a stupid iso
    I tried updating via the store twice to no avail. I resigned to the ISO. I noticed Hapochi And others were successful, though.

    Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by andyparks View Post
    How do I upgrade to windows 8.1 can any body tell me how and I don't want to use a stupid iso
    iso's are not stupid ,and win8.1 is only a preview,and if you have to ask how to install it maybe it best you not ! ,it can cause many problems to you system ,i suggest you not install it on you main computer
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    I like it, I used Classic Shell with 8, now I'm going to get used to the way it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wenda View Post
    Against my better judgement, I've decided to sacrifice (waste?) a quarter of my monthly allowance to give this a try.

    I'll get back to you... but I will be marking harshly.
    Lol, I didn't say you should use 8.1 if you don't want to. In fact, given it's preview status, i'd say you shouldn't if you are that skeptical... So don't blame me if you have problems.

    My point was about the future. You seem convinced that Windows is moving to a single screen tablet only universe, and I am quite confident that that is not the case. The situation we have now is because Windows 8.x is a transitional OS, where they are rolling out functionality in yearly upgrades. Don't assume that the way things are now will always be the case, although some things certainly will not go back to the way they were (Ie, they will never return to the old Start Menu because they had very solid, real reasons to ditch it.. they might come up with something else that is different from the current start menu, but MS will never return to the old way).

    Metro still has a ways to go before it's at feature parity of Win32.

    Quote Originally Posted by brummyfan View Post
    What I'm saying is that it was available as a local only calendar App in windows 8 but not in 8.1, so eventually I will be forced to log in to Microsoft account to use my PC, I don't like being dragged in to something I don't want to do.
    Does it? I've never used the Calendar app in Windows 8, so I just tried it now and it automatically used my Mail account and did not give me the choice to not use a web account.

    Quote Originally Posted by CalBear View Post
    So if it will have all the same functionality as Win32, multi-screen, multi-windows, mouse, keyboard, etc., why are we playing around with screens and apps that are in no way as capable as the "eventual" "modern" Windows? Why not just add "apps capability" to the desktop, perhaps with a nice window with tiles for your favorite apps?

    If you could put the Start Screen and All Apps screen in a Modern Mix window the future would be Now
    Because Metro is a new OS, and it cannot run on the same "screen" as Win32 apps. MS could put the entire Metro screen in a window, but that's just like a remote desktop, and that would probably be very confusing to a lot of people.

    Further, the first version of Metro only allowed 3 "sizes" of apps, because the API was not yet mature.. 8.1 expands that to allow adjustable sizes...

    The real point however, is that MS actually treats the legacy desktop as an "app" in metro, not the other way around.
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    South Coast NSW, Australia
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    WARNING: Long Post.

    Well, I'm playing with it (8.1, you dirty buggers) now, as a fresh install, not an upgrade (you can't do an upgrade install anyway, with the ISO).

    I am not using any 3rd-party start menus, but I have enabled the old Quick-Launch toolbar in case I do need it. And I did... see point #1 below.

    And, so far, I only have a few problems/issues...

    1/ The Pin To Start function doesn't always work. The main Start Screen is quite buggy.

    2/ The absolute mess they've made of File Manager/Explorer. I'll hack/work around that one.

    3/ The removal of the ability to take system images natively. No biggie as I have the full retail of EaseUS ToDo 5.8

    4/ Stuck in an MS account. I tried to create another, but it wouldn't let me create an Admin account. I always operate in Admin mode, so I stayed in the MS account. UAC is set to the second 'step', as always.

    Some things I do like...

    1/ The new All Apps screen. THIS is what the SS should have been all along. But wasn't, cos you couldn't go straight to it, or config it. It still scrolls across about nine screens (@1920x1080 yet), but I do have a lot of stuff installed. Creative Suite CS2 and Photo-Shop CS5 sprayed tiles everywhere, but I expected that.

    2/ The added functionality to the 'guts menu'. This is the one part of 8/8.1 that I really miss when using my Vista/W7 setups, as I use it so much. Now for the ability to easily add to it...

    3/ Internet Explorer 11. Desktop version is great, but the Metro version is actually worth using this time, unlike the W8 incarnation. Neither the Google Toolbar or the Bing Bar will work on the desktop version unless Enhanced Compatibility is turned off.

    4/ Not surprisingly, I love the fact that none of the functions that were moved to Metro appear to have been lost to us 'fogies' on the desktop.

    5/ And, of course, yes, by dint of much early-hours faffing about last night, I managed to almost totally isolate the thing from the internet without the 'nod' from moi first! YES!! This was my major fear with W8.1

    Some comments: While I could have gotten it from the Store, and been (apparently) able to do an upgrade install, I'm glad I chose the ISO. The first install went for a Burton when 8.1 took a dislike to my m/board's USB3 drivers. Having the ISO meant I avoided a second download (on 15GB/month!!?). The generic graphic drivers for both my chipsets (Intel 3000HD, and GeForce GT555M) were rubbish, but the latest W8 drivers from Intel & Nvidia fixed that.

    I haven't tested many of the 35+ games in my W8 setup, but the two I did test were both 'oldies', as I figured most of the later stuff shouldn't be too much of a problem. The original Call of Duty runs like a dream, and Halo: Combat Evolved likewise, but 8'1 automatically(??) sets Compatibility Mode for it. Hmm... I'd rather do the comp.testing manually, but that's just me.

    All my graphics programs (Photo-Shop, GIMP, Inkscape etc) work just fine, although I did upgrade from Paint-Shop Pro 8 to PSP 9. PSP 8 isn't happy on 8.1, PSP 9 didn't like W7 or W8, but for some reason loves 8.1... go figure. Office 2010 installed and activated without drama, as did PowerDVD 10 and K-Lite.

    I spent around fourteen hours on this OS yesterday, including d/l time for the ISO and imaging the Win 8 setup... I ended up falling asleep at the keyboard at 4am this morning. And I've put another 8 into it today. I now have an Os that I wouldn't say is better or worse than Win 8, but is certainly much more refined.

    At this stage, yes. I can live with it. But it does have flaws, and things I dislike. I said I was going to mark harshly, Mystere, and believe me, I have.

    I give it 7½ out of 10. (W8 got a 7, as did Vista. W7 got a 9).

    Off to play around some more....

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    To the thread title.
    It is my belief, that, in the Microsoft programming section, and, in particular, in the portion dedicated to Windows 8.1/feedback, there lurks a malicious programmer with, either, a sense of humour or, unable to comprehend simple requests.

    If you look through the astronomical number of complaints, regarding the menu, 70% refer to the "Start button". I have even remarked on this several time in earlier posts.
    What users really wanted was a return to the old menu style. This evil gnome has given back what they asked for - the start button.
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    Having installed Windows 8.1 yesterday at work, and looking at the start button, today while back to the interwebz I went to google I typed back "windows 8.1 joke"

    Fortunately this thread was already created, so I specifically registerd an account in this site so we all can (once again) mock Micro$oft for their stupid design choices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wenda View Post
    The first install went for a Burton when 8.1 took a dislike to my m/board's USB3 drivers..

    just have to ask the origin of went for a Burton.
    just because that's my last name ,thanks,and nice to see you are enjoying 8.1 a bit,i have installed it but iam away for the weekend and using my old Dell laptop with winxp
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    South Coast NSW, Australia
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    Windows 8.1 'Ultimate' RTM 64 bit (Pro/WMC).

    World War Two British Army slang term for one of their mates who's been killed.

    Appropriate, because that's what my USB3 drivers my W8.1 install.

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Do you agree the Windows 8.1 Start Button is a Joke?
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