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Win8 Control Panel Empty-My Docs-Library problem

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    If you have not reset your system yet, can you disable all startup programs for a couple of days and execute only what you need to see if its a program interfering with the icons?

    Before you reset create a windows image so that in case the problem still exists you can restore your current windows and personalizations and not be burdened with reinstalling and fiddling with all the changes we make to customize our systems..

    I usually clone the drive and work with the clone to fix serious issues so as not to have to redo allllll my work..

    Have you run scandisk? Have you defragged the harddrive? I believe you already ran SFC /SCANNOW.

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    I tried a bunch of simplistic stuff that I didn't even write out here that wasn't technical in any way to see if it did have any effect. None. I did all of the standard scans. Nothing. As noted, I did the refresh before joining the board to ask--again figuring I'd take the easy way out. Well, as you know, the refresh didn't help nor did the steps on the previous pages.
    Here is the quick update--not much to tell yet
    I did the reset (quick--not total overwriting of drive--just removed files option). I haven't pushed the system to make it recur. There isn't really anything on it like last time. The reset seemed to go fine. I have some Windows Updates to complete that came out the other day. Nothing extra was installed yet in terms of applications. I planned to be further along, but I wanted to be sure, so I used an older system for basics.*
    Note this: I noted on an earlier page that I thought the "waiting" symbol was the hourglass (even after the refresh). Well, it was. Now after the reset it is back to the small, blue spinning circle--whatever they're calling it officially. So, whatever that means on top of the other issues.

    Again, reinstallation of everything doesn't bother me. So, I didn't care about doing a reset.

    I will eventually post this in the correct section, and I've already done some research (have the commands), but I'm thinking of finishing getting the system set up with "my basics" and then making a custom refresh image using command prompt, recimg.
    I might have some basic questions on that to be sure as long as I've joined the forum.

    Thanks again.
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    Same issue.

    Firstly, sorry for bumping this thread. I'm new around here so I'm not sure whether I should/shouldn't do so.

    Secondly, does anyone know whether there is a workaround to the issues described by the OP besides using the reset feature? My laptop is just a couple of weeks old and it's having these same problems, i.e. blank My PC, Control Panel, etc. Another things is that the system tray icons take a LONG time to load at startup, like maybe half an hour or more. I find this bizarre because this laptop is lightning fast otherwise. I'm also having problems running Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. It simply refuses to open, though it does run in the background. I thought there may be some malware/viruses, but after thorough scans and no other obvious problems in the functionality of the laptop, I'm forced to conclude that the problem is something else.

    So is the reset the only option or has anyone else found an alternative? I'm aware that this problem isn't widely documented and seems to have affected a minimal amount of people since finding other material on it has been pretty difficult. I'm also not sure if I understand OP's last post correctly; did resetting fix the problems completely, or did they re-surface again, once programs, drivers, etc were reinstalled?
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    Got a solution.

    Ok, so I had been trying to fix this for the past 3 days without any results. However, finally most (if not all) of the issues have been resolved after I did one thing.

    I went to Control Panel > Indexing Options. On the Indexing Options pop-up, I clicked on 'Advanced'. Under 'troubleshooting', I clicked on 'troubleshoot search and index'. When the troubleshooter ran, it resolved a problem that went along the lines of "Incorrect permissions on Windows Search directories". As soon as it fixed this, the start-up items loaded straightaway and the empty Control Panel and My PC issues have gone away completely. Previously, all thumbnails from icons (folders and files) had disappeared but now they have all returned. However, indexing is not working for me but I assume that is an unrelated problem. I hope this works for others also.
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Win8 Control Panel Empty-My Docs-Library problem
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