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Win 8.1: Four Great Features

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    Win 8.1: Four Great Features

    Having had some time to evaluate 8.1, these are the four features that I appreciate the most:

    1) The ability to keep the same wallpaper / background on both the desktop screen and Start Screen. This is significant because previously, it seemed like you were making a jarring transition from one OS to a completely different OS any time you went from one screen to the other. Now, the same background on both screens makes you feel like you're still using the same OS.
    2) I like the tweaks they've done to the Mail app. For instance, if there's a link in an email, and you click on it, it opens a second window with whatever app that the link needs (web browser, photo viewer, etc.).
    3) The tiles on the Start Screen are much easier to move around. Under 8.0, I had to press my finger hard on my laptop's touch screen to move them. Now, a gentle touch-and-hold works.
    4) The ability to have more tile sizes is appreciated. It just makes the screen look nicer.

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    1) Better SkyDrive integration
    2) Refined Metro search engine
    3) On-screen keyboard
    4) Redesigned Store (much prettier)
    5) New apps (Sound recorder, new calculator, alarms, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink...)
    6) IE11
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    1). right click power users menu now includes Shutdown
    2). boot directly to desktop
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    For me, the number one great feature of 8.1 is the ability to boot direct to the desktop.
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    There are some nice new features in 8.1, but the vast majority of the changes are under the hood. The majority of this release is expanding the capabilities of the Windows Runtime (Metro). It added something like 5000 new API's which Windows Store App developers can use to improve the functionality, usability, and usefulness of their apps.

    Of course, they have to add UI functionality in order to convince people to upgrade to it, otherwise nobody would write apps for it (no users, no app writers).
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Win 8.1: Four Great Features
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