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Is it good to turn off the computer every night when sleep

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    Madrid, Spain
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    Sure, the touchpad is wonderful, one of the main reasons why I keep buying the same one. I only use the touchpad, never the mouse, and need a big and soft surface on it, now that many brands make touchpads that feel like sand paper.

    But I need Smart Gestures too. I want to scroll with two fingers. If the epilectic behavior goes if I uninstall Smart Gestures, then I will live with it.

    By the way, it only happens when it is connected to the power and has the battery on at the same time. If I remove the battery, it stops shaking. And in some plugs in the house it gets worse than in others, so it is related to the power line. This happens to many other people, it's not just my home (which never gave me problems with older laptops or PCs).

    EDIT: I wonder why laptops and electronics in general are much cheaper in Amazon USA than in Europe. Lucky you, you pay much less than us.

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    Hi there
    Depends where you are -- I saw in the UK - even though they are sitting on TRILLIONS of Cubic Metres of Shale gas located in the poorer parts of the country - you've got the inevitable middle aged wealthy - usually women - protesting against using this resource (the "Pseudo Green Lobby") while people are almost paying MORE for energy per month than they are for their mortgages and the threat of Electricity Rationing in the next few years is very real.

    Blackout alert: Electricity to be rationed: Power cuts in 2 years unless industry cuts back, warns regulator | Mail Online

    The North of England has a chance to create enormous wealth for its citizens (finally) but I suppose wealthy people from S.E England and London wouldn't like that at all. Up to 50 years sufficient supply with current technology - and maybe much more later -- I'm sure most of the people in the UK would LOVE to see the Saudi's going back to their roots and learning to ride Camels again instead of Ferraris.

    Shale gas | Energy | British Geological Survey (BGS)

    So in the UK I'd suggest switching off computers -- however where energy is cheaper just leave them on (switch off the Screens though).

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    Like every electrical appliance in my house if it's not in use it's turned off.
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    Years ago, it was 'leave it on' as powering off and on was iffy on causing problems. I'm an old time computer tech (started working on them with an old discrete component custom military computer) and we would get nervous anytime something had to be powered off - and there was a specific sequence that had to be followed for powering down. Same way later on working on newer mainframes and later early model PC's.

    Modern PC's and power supplies do not have this potential problem. Its safe to power down/up. I leave my PC on during the day, except if I'm going to be gone for an extended period (I'm retired). I usually power off the PC at night, except for when I run backups.
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    All electrical devices are most likely to fail during the transition from off to on. This is because there is general a power surge and components that have weakened over time will be more likely to fail. Think about how most light bulbs blow when you flip on the switch. The same is true to some extent of everything from TV's, Computes, Hair Dryers, whatever..

    However, most modern electronics no longer fully power off. Even when you shut down your computer (unless you disconnect the power, or flip the hard switch in back), there is a small amount of current that runs through it to enable the "soft" power on. Even so, the components within might still be stressed to a degree during power on.

    For most people, you're probably just fine powering down your computer, or letting it hibernate or sleep. Some of us, however, may need to access our computers remotely at any given time, and thus want it running. It's also nice to leave it running to allow things like Windows Update to happen overnight, rather than having to wait for the updates when you're using it.

    I also tend to run various software, like virtual machines. These do not recover as well from a hibernation/sleep. If you're not a power user, and you have no reason to leave your computer on, then it's probably a good idea to shut it down to save power.
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    Most users can use simple 50 -50% rule when deciding what to do in the case of leaving computer running or turning it off. If used more than 50% of the time, than it could be better to leave it on, if more than 50% of the time computer would sit at idle than turn it off. That should be a nice "Middle Ground". Maybe there's a reason to leave it on so it would do some unattended work, than there would be no harmful effects if all the conditions are right, Ie. cooling is adequate, power doesn't surge suddenly at time etc. Conversely, if it is not required for anything for long time it could be switched of, without undue concern that it would suddenly develop a fault. It's only that in my experience most problems develop during start-up time while it is also possible that those problems did develop during shutdown or during the use but only showed up at start-up.
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    Philgo - My Computers ain't appliances, they are part of my mouth, part of my eyes, part of my arm, and part of my feet. I use it to see farther, to reach farther, to increase my buying power and reach, to even transport me in some ways.

    If I had newer Hardware, I maybe would start hibernating or shutting off. But even with 8 it takes about 5 minutes for my Main PC to fully start. It takes my Media Machine about a minute to start, but I have USB drives and a Printer attached to my Main PC. But as I am always using them, even when I am not home, they stay on. If the "appliance" allegory is to be used, then my PCs are much like my Refrigerator, because it always has to stay on to do it's work.

    I used to have 2 great Laptops, a Dell 6400 which was the the first Core Duo they ever made, and a Gateway 17". I had Windows Media Center on the Dell, but I was running 7 on the Gateway, upgraded from Vista. I had to use the Vista driver for the Video Card's HDMI slot because there was no Windows 7 driver for it. Other than that, it was great.

    On both of those laptops I had them optimised for Battery use. But for about 6 months, I used the Gateway Laptop as my Media Machine, so it was on all the time. Maybe that's what caused the power block to go out, so now I need a new Adapter connector and a new fan. Eventually I'll fix this stuff.

    But the main thing is my Main PC, being on an old motherboard, it is not as power friendly as a new desktop PC would be, so it is just easier to leave it on all the time.
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Is it good to turn off the computer every night when sleep
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