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Is it good to turn off the computer every night when sleep

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    Quote Originally Posted by LMiller7 View Post
    There are some who say that there is an advantage of shutting it down occasionally because it clears the memory.
    The idea that clearing memory being a good thing is based on a hopelessly outdated (20 years +) concept of memory management. Shutting down the computer does of course clear memory (as it must) and that is precisely why I do so only when necessary. After a shutdown or restart nothing is in the cache and everything is slow. The code base of Windows 8 is virtually identical to that of Server 2012 and most servers run 24/7, being shut down only when necessary for updates or maintenance.

    The only real downside to keeping a computer on all the time is power consumption and wear on the HD. You can avoid that by using Sleep or hibernation.
    but even HDDs do not benefit of being all the time shut down and restarted, quite to the contrary. I'd say, if you'r not using computer more than 50% of the time, shut it down, otherwise keep it on. Otherwise all it boils down to is saving electricity.

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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    From what I have been told it uses more power for a computer to go through it's startup routine than it takes to just leave it on. But that was for old machines using a CRT. I set my Hard Drives to spin down after 30 minutes of idle time. I don't allow it to sleep, but it goes into Screensaver after 15 minutes and I always shut off mu HDTV when I am not at home.
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    A computer or monitor, old or new, will require more current during startup than at any other time. But this period will be very short, generally less than one second. If the computer is on even for a short time the power consumed during startup will be an insignificant fraction of the total.
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    I have a laptop and have the default power setting that work fine for me. Monitor goes off in 10 minutes. Computer will sleep in 30. After 4 hours it hibernates.
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    It's not so much about power but the stresses components going thru stop and star routines are under. Just while loading windows a HDD works more than few hours of normal activity. Then there is something called "Startup count" for HDDs that you can plainly see if you look at SMART in it with let's say HDD Sentinel and that count goes into the it's overall health score. An example of what I'm talking about. Right now, I have an 3 year old, WD 750GB Green HDD, (that are notorious for failure rate) that is in perfect shape and health tha came out an security camera recorder, never shut down for few if not all 3 years. Startup count was 10 by the time I installed it in my machine. Now is up to few hundred in couple of month and I almost never shut my computer down except to change something .
    Then there's constant warming up and cooling down of components which puts stress on components as they constantly change shape because of it. CRT monitors are particularly vulnerable at the time of starting up as higher voltages are applied at that time so they show the picture faster. Some of them have electro mechanical relay to switch between stand by and normal mode that wears and fails after so many cycles, those are the parts I often had to change when repairing CRT monitors. Also, color monitors, CRT or otherwise, do not need a screen saver because they can not etch a static picture on the screen and constantly changing picture makes the work just as much as in normal use. The best thing for them is just to send blank signal to them when not in use.
    Those are just couple of examples of what is going on when systems are put thru start an shut routines an there's larger bunch of components there that go thru the same thing.
    On the other hand, all the transistors have a finite number of cycles that they can do with each Hz , so stretching a computer's life would actually be quite an balancing act.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank1 View Post
    There are some who say that there is an advantage of shutting it down occasionally because it clears the memory. But what is the advantage of leaving it on constantly? As far as waiting for it to boot up is concerned, it takes about 1 minute for mine to boot up.
    Huge downloads, remote security camera server, folding @ home and etc...

    Of course when it has nothing to do I turn it off !

    Shutting down the computer does of course clear memory (as it must) and that is precisely why I do so only when necessary.
    Cacheman can do that !

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    You Can turn on the pc everynight if u wanted to download movies,or use games and host servers otherwise i give u suggestion to turn the pc off bcz first thing= if u using pc then it will be waste of electricity
    2nd.many pcs become soo much hot and if u dont close it,it can be Destroyed

    Fair Winds,
    Jary Zaidi
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    Dead wrong about PCs getting hot when on idle, that's actually when they are cooler than when running a program or something. Many systems can have power states when they throttle down processor and video card when not required to do any or heavy work. AMDs Cool & Quiet is an example of that Also "C" states in the BIOS can provide the same thing. Typical AMD Phenom II x4 965 will fall down from 3.4 GHz, the normal speed, down to 860 MHz at idle and scale up the speed when and how much is required. Same goes for a video card and those two are typically the biggest users of electricity in a system.
    Power supply also does not draw full current all the time but just as much as required at the time. One example, typically they are over rated by 25% or more of what they might see in use, 500W PSU will be required to push no more than 450W in a well balanced system. At computer on idle the draw will drop to maybe 100W on such a system.
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    yeh u r right bcz it is based on pc if it contains a fan that can be used for a long time then the pc can be coOl..please dont get me wrong i was only trying to help u
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    No problem there bud, it's just that is important to know what is going on inside that box to be able to make right decisions. That is why I tried to explain to some depth and that is just scratching it.
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Is it good to turn off the computer every night when sleep
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