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Disable signature enforcement.

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    Disable signature enforcement.

    Ok, Kira had posted some time ago asking how to disable signature enforcement. We had tried out some things but couldn't succeed so heres what needs to be done.

    First one needs a multi-boot system, IDK how on a single OS. Since I don't have multiboot, I added a safe mode boot menu entry using this method:

    How To Enable Windows 8 Safe Mode

    Now when I startup, there are 2 boot menu entries:

    Safe Mode

    So, highlight WDP (or whatever its called on your machine). Now press Shift + F8. the machine will now show up the win7 type advanced boot menu, choose Disable driver signature enforcement there.

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    Doesn't work for me. Shift - F8 doesn't do anything for me in the boot options menu.
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    Do you have a multi boot system?
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    Yes - I have WDP & Safe Mode as yourself.
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    Strange. Just highlight the WDP entry. Then press Shift + F8. Works for me. Also, you need to hold down Shift, then tap F8.
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    Nope - still nothing. I don't know if it makes a difference but I downloaded and installed the WDP 32bit (without developer tools).
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    I have the same- wdp 32 without dev tools. Well I guess no point in getting too bothered, you can try it on the beta.
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    Try the MSCONFIG method it works just fine.

    Start - > Search Apps -> msconfig

    Safe Mode - Windows 7 Forums
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    @Bill2 - Perhaps I'm not trying Shift + F2 in the correct place. Do you press those keys when at the boot menu?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CPJames View Post
    @Bill2 - Perhaps I'm not trying Shift + F2 in the correct place. Do you press those keys when at the boot menu?
    Hi, CPJames.
    I believe Bill mentioned to type Shift + F8.
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Disable signature enforcement.
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