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Publicity emails from Microsoft...!

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    Publicity emails from Microsoft...!


    This may be a simple problem.

    I have referred it to Microsoft support who looked at it for a few days then gave up came back and told me to try here.

    I am ENGLISH, I live in FRANCE.

    My account settings and PROFILES all say prefered language ENGLISH confirmed by Support.

    I get Windows 8 newsletters and other publicity from the FRENCH Microsoft, I can find NO way of stopping them.

    I know it is my problem for not speaking the local language but surely Microsoft are Global enough to solve this problem.

    Please help.

    Thanks Stewart

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    stewpot47, usually at the bottom of the emails there is an option to unsubscribe to mail.

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    I'm in the US and get MS UK mailings as well as ads from the UK. There is something funky in the way it set up windows I am thinking. Often when I go to a website that has UK presence I have to choose US.
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    Try checking the communications privacy settings while at a UK site.
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    I live in Denmark. Cant speak the language!

    Since Vista, I have set up everything possible in the English language except, for various reasons, my keyboard. I get a lot of MS stuff from MS Denmark. Worst, several programs, when I install, come up with an installation in Danish.
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    I have emailed MS again about this problem.
    I will keep you informed.

    Thank you for your inputs.

    Regards Stewart
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    You will be extremely lucky if you get a workable answer. I have been battling with them on the subject for a long time. None of the member offers on forums, related to changing parts of "region" or "Location" have worked so I have settled for what I have.
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    Thanks Davehc.

    I suspected as much.

    I had spoken to MS support and seemed to have someone who was willing to look into it.

    After 2-3 exchanges of email there was a 'oh I give up from him and maybe you should try the forum'

    This is typical of large company's.

    They work on the 80-20 rule fix the 80% don't waste time on the 20%.

    What they don't understand is it is an easy fix, preferences should always over-rule locality.

    A more satisfactory answer would have been, oh we know about the 'issue' but it is not a priority at the moment!

    Thanks again

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    This is the reply I received (Twice) this morning.

    See the attachment.

    I think it is meant to show they have allocated a reference number, probably automatic.

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    A Finnish ex-pat in Leipzig, Germany
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    Generally I like Microsoft and their products, being for instance a known Windows 8 advocate. I do however NOT like Microsoft's non responsive way to deal with customers, and how they simply do not understand the needs of multilingual ex-pat and immigrant users. In todays world it should no longer be an exception or something peculiar if the user's main language is not that of the official language of the country of residence.

    Using various aliases and Microsoft accounts, I have posted this question or variations of it around all possible Microsoft forums and arenas:

    How to change country when adding Store payment method?

    I am from Finland, having bilingual background speaking both Finnish and Swedish as my mother tongues. I live in Germany using German at home, my work I do completely in English. As English is for me the main language, I want my Windows and Microsoft Account completely in English.

    I am quite used for multilingual Windows setup having user accounts on all my computers in all 4 languages using Windows Language Packs , but the main Microsoft Account I use logging in to Windows computers is English.

    Now I have issues with adding a payment method to my Microsoft Account. As my location (Control Panel > Region) is set to United Kingdom instead of Germany in order for me to get all web content rather in English than default German, Windows Store does not let me to add my credit card as payment method. I can add all other information, including address, but Store > Settings > Account > Add Payment Method does not let me to select the correct country, in this case Germany, only option being the UK.

    I can add payment method at, then if / when I will buy something from Store I need first go to Control Panel > Region, change location to Germany, log in to Store (changing location causes me being logged out from Store), make my purchase, close the store and again change the location, now back to UK. Having the location constantly set as Germany is not an option for me, this causes some web content being shown in "wrong language".

    My Microsoft Account Profile setup has my German address but English as selected language.

    How do I change the country when adding a payment method, keeping UK as location in Control Panel > Region?

    Thanks in advance,

    (How to change country when adding Store payment method? - Microsoft Community)

    Not being able to enter my address as the system does not let me to change the country makes it impossible to use any credit cards. Alternatively, if I change the system location and Store language to German which I would not like to do, it accepts German cards only.

    I always get the same response which in no way answers my question. My emails to MSFT support get no respond after the initial automated response that just states "Hello, Your support ticket has been created. Please quote the above reference in all future contact with support." After that nothing.

    For me this is a real pain in the ass. Using English living in Germany I would like to pay Windows Store with a credit card issued in Finland or alternatively in Luxembourg. It seems to be impossible to get MSFT to understand that German is not my language of choice and that I'd rather used non-German payment methods.

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Publicity emails from Microsoft...!
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