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Windows 8 laptop is driving me nuts.

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    Windows 8

    Windows 8 laptop is driving me nuts.

    My Windows 8 Lenovo laptop is basically brand new and is giving me all kinds of problems. First off, whenever I wake the PC up from sleep/hibernate, or unplug it from the power supply, the wifi adapter loses its internet connection and I have to reboot.

    Second, and this just started today, I suddenly can't connect to Exchange via Outlook 2013 (or 2010 for that matter - I uninstalled 2013 and installed 2010 to see if that would fix it). I tried deleting and recreating my profile, deleting my .ost, reinstalling Outlook, copying the settings exactly from a PC that has a good Outlook config on it, but it will not connect. I know my password is good because I can connect to OWA and my phone is synced just fine.

    Finally, I can't get this thing to boot in Safe Mode. I'm pressing F8 on startup and it's not working.

    Please help - I'm an IT consultant and I'm baffled and infuriated with this POS and seriously considering trading it in for a Win7 laptop, or at the very least wiping this machine and installing a Win7 image on it.

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    Have you tried updating the Wireless adapter drivers from its manufacturer (not Lenovo)? If you have Intel Pro/Set wifi adapter, you can go to the Intel website and update it. While you're at it, also update the other drivers such as the Intel RST, BIOS, etc.

    As for Outlook, I don't have an idea other than making sure you receive the latest updates for Office and Windows. If you have Office 2013 Click-to-run, it will be automatically updated while the traditional Office 2013 will require to opt in to updates for other Microsoft products in order to receive updates.

    As for the safe mode, Windows 8 has a different approach to enter Safe mode than Windows 7 and earlier due to the new UEFI BIOS implementation. Here's the tutorial to enter Safe Mode: Safe Mode - Start Windows 8 in
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    Windows 8


    Ran an update on the wifi driver which seemed to resolve that part - last time I checked this the update function said I had the most up to date driver.

    Also figured out the Safe Mode issue (why they decided to completely change this is beyond me).

    As for Outlook, I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling Office 2013 and even removed 2013 and installed 2010, and it still will not accept my password. This is completely baffling.
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Windows 8 laptop is driving me nuts.
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