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Windows 8 reinstall questions

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    Windows 8 reinstall questions

    Hey everybody I'm new here. I don't know a lot about windows 8. I have a general enquiry to make. I would like to know that if I reinstall my windows 8 will I have to reinstall the programs of different drive. For example like I have my main OS in C:\ and many of my programs like steam and some other games are installed in D:\ so when I format my pc will I have to reinstall the programs present in D:\ or will there be any kind of error or something. I would really like some help on this topic. Thank you

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    Welcome to EightForums.

    If reinstall windows 8, you will need to reinstall your programs.

    If do a Refresh, you still need to reinstall your programs.

    How do a Refresh:
    Refresh Windows 8
    Click image for larger version
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    So even if the software's are installed in a non-OS drive then also I will have to reinstall them?
    Will a backup of regestry help me with this?
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    I have a question.
    Why, at this point in time, would you want or need to RE-install Windows 8?
    If you have already installed Windows 8, then you already have your answer.

    If in the course of your initial upgrade installation, all your applications ported, then don't
    reinstall, just make a current image of your drives.

    Use that image as your re-installation media and all should be fine.

    [If the initial installation did NOT port your apps, then a registry backup would not help]
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    Windows 8

    Thank you for your quick reply's.
    I wanted to reinstall windows 8 because I have some programs pre-installed from samsung and I can't find a way to uninstall them. I initially upgraded from windows 7 to 8.
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Windows 8 reinstall questions
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