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Batch move multiple files via cmd?

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    Batch move multiple files via cmd?

    I have: x4 .gif images, x14 .jpg images, and x5 .png images in my
    folder and want to move them to these desired locations via cmd.

    Move the x4 .gif images to:
    Move the x14 .jpg images to:
    Move the x5 .png images to:
    Does anyone know of a way I can go about this using a single command? Multiple commands will work just fine as well, as long it's not one too many commands.

    OS: Windows 8 Enterprise x64

    Any assistance/help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Perhaps, it's time to learn PowerShell, since the syntax is easier to read.

    dir -path "C:\Users\SampleUser\Downloads\img14\*" -Include *.jpg | move -destination "C:\Users\SampleUser\Downloads\img14\.jpg\"

    Substitute the extensions to get two other commands.

    If you want CMD, here's a sample command:
    FOR %d IN (dir "C:\Users\SampleUser\Downloads\img14\" /b *.jpg) DO MOVE %d "C:\Users\SampleUser\Downloads\img14\.jpg\"

    Note that this command is for entering in the command prompt. For CMD-files, replace all % with %%
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    Antipolo City
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    robocopy anyone?

    In the command prompt (or cmd), just type 'robocopy /?' for help about it (or search about it on the web).
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    A while ago I faced the same problem - move files with specific extension from one folder to another. After some fight with robocopy, sync suftware and etc. A friend of mine creates a little "program" that allows me to do what I need.

    Click image for larger version

    The "program" can be edited using Notepad.
    All cretids is to Panayot Karabakalov.
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    How about Teracopy? Does it support Command Line?

    Back in the days of Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, there were several times I used Xcopy32 with Switches to copy whole partitions and keep the OS Intact. I've done this about 3 times, I copied a whole Windows 95 installation from one drive to another that way, and the target drive booted. If the commands are still in Windows, you may be able to use them on a smaller scale for Windows 8 - Maybe you can get the commands from a Windows 95 install disk and see if they work. But I am sure Powershell has something that can be used, Powershell is great- Do not fail to learn how to use it for some of your needs.

    That is a great program, thanks for posting it, I collect little utilities like this, they ALWAYS come in handy.
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Batch move multiple files via cmd?
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