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Search Not working on Moved libraries

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    Search Not working on Moved libraries

    I am running Win8 64bit. I have two internal hard drives: a 118GB SSD (C and a 2T HD (B.

    Windows was installed onto C: and so the default library locations were set to C:. I obviously didn't have enough room to let C: contain my normal documents so I changed my default library locations to be on B:.

    With this configuration the Search feature has never found any documents on B:. Today I double-checked to make sure B: was set to be indexed, and it is. I then had the computer rebuild the index. I even ran the Search troubleshooter and had the Windows "Fix It" program rebuild my search features.

    All this has been to no avail. I don't know what is holding the search back.

    Please help

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    1. Change the B drive letter to something else, like D in diskmgmt.msc.
    2. Reboot, make sure the default library saving location is changed accordingly.
    3. Give the system an hour or so and see if your documents start getting indexed.

    If it doesn't work, post screenshots of:
    • diskmgmt.msc
    • indexing options
    • Documents library properties
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    Why would changing the drive letter name matter?
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    Why don't you try and post the results? You came here looking for help, so please follow the instructions.
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    because I would rather not make unnecessary changes if I don't understand how they would help. I would gladly post the other info but I'm not convinced that changing the drive name will do anything besides make more problems. If you could please explain your reasoning I will then gladly accept your help.
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    These changes are non-destructive and reversible. Ok, we'll go another way, then.

    1. Win+R - %userprofile% - ok. Create a folder LibTest.
    2. Add this folder to the Documents library.
    3. Drop a few documents there.

    Are they getting indexed? And please post the requested screensthots.
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    Okay I made the test folder and items are being archived in it but the default location it was made to is on my C: drive not my B: drive.
    Click image for larger version
    Click image for larger version
    Click image for larger version
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    Quote Originally Posted by jemop430 View Post
    Okay I made the test folder and items are being archived
    Do you mean indexed?

    Thanks for the screenshots! I see 143,422 items indexed.

    1. Is it possible you have that many files indexed from drive C exclusively?
    2. How do you figure your items in Libraries are not indexed? What's the visual confirmation?
    3. Can you repeat the experiment above, but this time with the TestLib folder on the disk E?
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    yeah sorry I meant indexed.

    1. I'm not sure if it could be just from C: but that's where Windows is installed and all my program files are so I guess it could be.
    2. I don't know that my library files are not indexed, the index options say that they are but search doesn't include/ find them and I guess that's my confirmation that something is wrong between those two functions.
    3. are you wanting to just make a folder in drive E? cause I don't know how I would make a folder in %userprofile% and have it be in E as a default. I can search for things exclusively within E though they don't show up in my general searches.
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    1. Open indexing options and see what folders are indexed on C. By default, nothing is indexed outside of your profile.

    2. Post the screenshot of the search query and result, so it is visible that the files you're searching for are present in the library, but not found (hint: open the same window twice: one for file display, the other one for search results).

    In particular, create a text file test-search.txt with the content blablabla in B:\Documents. Access the folder through the library, search for blablabla. If it doesn't work, see #4.

    3. Open drive E in File Explorer, create a folder TestLib2, add to library, etc. Copy the above file and perform the same search.

    4. Exclude B:\Documents from the library, navigate to the folder from Computer - B:\, repeat your search and screenshot.
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Search Not working on Moved libraries
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