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Added a 2nd SSD, now I've got a bunch of problems...

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    Added a 2nd SSD, now I've got a bunch of problems...

    I think it might have something to do with permissions, since I keep getting similar errors.

    1) I cannot change the wallpaper, except for groups of photos or by choosing a theme in the personalization menu. If I pick an individual photo, it sets my wallpaper as black. If I try from Photo Viewer it gives me an error message saying "The file ...\Windows Photo Viewer Wallpaper.jpg could not be written. Please check permissions on this file and try again".

    2) If I try to use PrimoPDF, I get an error saying "Unhandled exception...Access to the path "F:\AppData\PrimoPDF\PrimoSet.xml" is denied and it doesn't work. PrimoPDF is installed on a different drive than the OS (SSD, I have too many programs to fit them all).

    Does it sound like I'm right about the permissions? If so, what can I do to fix it? I'm hesitant to simply give full permission to everything on all the drives, but wouldn't that work?

    Edit: Adding permissions to the drive with the background photos on it didn't work...

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    You may have done something when you copied your Data

    Quote Originally Posted by Azaraith View Post
    Access to the path "F:\AppData\PrimoPDF\PrimoSet.xml"
    Appdata is normally a system folder, under users on the C drive. If you moved that folder it could be causing your problems.
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    Hi there

    Looks like some standard paths etc got corrupted / mixed up. Follow instructions below to fix.

    1) temporarily remove 2nd SSD.

    2) Reboot system and see if it works OK -- if not then install from a backup image (you should have one of these always -- you can use a program like FREE MACRIUM to make backup images. If you don't have a backup image then you'll have to re-install W8 again --doesn't actually take long BTW. Then ALWAYS ENSURE you have backup.

    3) Re-format the 2nd SSD -- connect via a USB==>SATA adapter to a USB slot.

    4) insert SSD back into the machine

    5) Should be fine now.

    Note - if you keep your DATA (music, photos, documents , downloads, etc etc) separate from your OS you should be able to install all your pgms/ applications and system on even a 120 GB SSD with around 60 GB still free. I have VMware, Adobe CS6 (full suite), Office 2010, Nero, VLC, Visual Studio (full version) and a whole slew more applications installed and the whole system still fits in to 60 GB.

    The advantage of doing this is that you can move the OS to different disks if you need to or even restore / re-install the OS without losing any of your DATA which you can back up separately when convenient.

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    All programs are OK.

    It seems after inserting the second drive, the first one got a different letter assigned.

    Try to change the drive letters in Disk Management before you reinstall the OS.
    Begin with the one that lets you change it (usually the system OS doesn't let you do that) and reboot afterwards to see if the system OS has regained its older path.

    It's just an idea.
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    I only moved data for 5 games - all of which work perfectly still - from the HD they were installed on (not the OS drive) to the new SSD. I haven't seen anything that would suggest a connection to that specific data.

    No drive letters changed - OS disk is C as always, new SSD has the same drive letter I set for it when formatting via the external SATA dock I have.

    I have a backup setup, but it's not an image of the SSD - just all my files... I think I'll try disconnecting the 2nd SSD and restarting and then if that doesn't work, reinstall and then format the 2nd SSD. Once I get everything set up, I'll image the OS SSD...

    I've got the ISO from Microsoft that you get by running their program and entering your product key, does that let you format the SSD and install clean if you have the upgrade version? I don't want to end up having to install Win7 again to install Win8. Or do I simply boot from the disk and install without wiping the drive first? I've only ever bought full versions of Windows prior to Win8 (which I bought the upgrade of because it was way cheaper).
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Added a 2nd SSD, now I've got a bunch of problems...
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