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Is 8.1 replacing 8?

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    Is 8.1 replacing 8?

    I run Win 8 on 2 desktops and I like 8 exactly as it is right now. I don't miss the Start Orb at all, and the Metro screen doesn't bother me. (One click and I'm on the desktop...not that difficult.) Nuff said.

    Now, it may be too early to ask this question, but does anyone here know if the upgrade to 8.1 is necessary, or for lack of a better word, mandatory? Will the same support (security updates, etc.) still be applicable to my current Windows 8 systems? As it is now, I don't have any desire to upgrade to 8.1.

    I do hope MS will make a public preview ISO available for 8.1 like they did with 8CP and 8RP. Those two previews sold me 100% on Windows 8. I've just got a gut feeling that I won't like the improvements that are coming in 8.1, but if they do release a could change my mind. But for now, I content with 8 exactly as it is.


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    Check this from Tweaktown. It looks like there will be an "interim" 8.1 available.

    Microsoft 'U-turn' sees Start button returning to Windows 8 :: TweakTown

    From comments I see, you are in the minority with Windows 8

    Also see this Windows 8.1 Full Features List
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    From what i have read 8.1 will be available from the store only. It will be like the other apps in the store, if you want it you download it and if you don't just don't bother to download it
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    maybe there'll be a utility to hide the Start button...
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    In the past MS will support a Windows version for 2 years after the release of a SP. MS has decided not to offer SP anymore but a new minor version every year. They may treat 8.1 the same as a SP and stop support for 8 in 2 years. But we probably won't know that until official release sometime around Oct. So for now if you don't want 8.1 it wont be forced on you. I have 8 on my system and I use Macrium and plan to image my system before updating. If I don't like it I can restore the image in about 10 min and be back to 8.
    A preview of 8.1 will be available on June 26 so we can try it out.

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    For one, I'm looking froward to it. I'll use it in Hyper V and test it out that way, which is what I'm doing with the latest leaked build.
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    Welcome to EightForums, Gaspode. It's good to have you aboard.

    It seems to me that MS has changed their plan of attack on major updates. Instead of an SP1 they'll release a totally new OS named Windows 8.1 to those who buy new or update from previous, although they'll treat it as SP1 to those of us that already have it.

    In other words instead installing an OS then having to download and install SPs one just installs the total new OS. That to me seems to be a waste of time. I'm thinking they're trying to make installs quicker. I could be wrong on this, but that's what it seems to me.

    I too like Windows 8 as is, but there may be added options that I might like. There is already a start button in 8 per se, but in rectangular form. It's the mini Start Screen in the lower left hot corner. We technically can't call it a button, for buttons are round. However, it continues to be a navigational command or link to Start. Its equivalent to the Windows key as in the past. Not sure why some are ignoring that there's a start "rectangle" that exists.

    I'm reading that some are complaining that it's hidden. If they return it I'm hoping there's an option to keep it hidden. That's one of the things I like about the new system. I don't have to see any more than I want to see until I command to see it. Its clean to me.

    I'm speaking of hot corners here. Rather ingenious to me.
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    Thanks everyone for the replies.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phone Man View Post
    But we probably won't know that until official release sometime around Oct.
    Yea, I'm probably over-thinking this too soon. What with XP support ending next April, I'm transitioning from XP to 8. I've never run Vista, and I've only had brief encounters with 7.

    @dirtyvu ~ It's not a problem if it's there...I just find I don't need it. Hotkeys usually get me to what I need.

    Thanks again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fireberd View Post
    From comments I see, you are in the minority with Windows 8
    Simply not so. Most members here like and are enjoying the Windows 8 experience. Look at the forum polls for example.

    I feel that most of the comments you refer to are in posts that are contained within news threads "mostly" started by those who are in contempt of Windows 8 and posting negative news articles about 8. If you think I'm wrong I suggest to go count them.

    I hope you notice that lately there is one particular member that posts news articles often there that contain negative reviews of 8. It is usually followed by a personal comment to agree with the article within the OP. Then he and some other members often post links to negative articles throughout other threads in an attempt to fortify their point of view or opinions. Then I would have to say that more members that dislike 8 jump on that bandwagon to comment more than those that do like 8. I would have to say that's a natural human reaction and/or process.

    This is not to say they do not have the right to do so as members. Not saying that whatsoever. With a user name like mine I am totally about free speech and am not here to suppress such speech.

    I can't speak for others but, I think that those of us who like 8 don't tend to comment as often to defend 8 for we simply think its a good product. Again, another natural human reaction and/or process.

    Lol! I wish I had such "article ammo", for there seems to be more negative reviews than positive within the press. Why? Because it is so different from past Microsoft OSs just for starters IMO. I would say it took a lot of people by surprise by the direction they are taking. The bigger-learning-curve touch-centric Modern/Metro new navigational UI, introduction of their Store with with Modern/Metro apps, more cloud-centric OS (if one so chooses), and all the other changes. Surely a big change from the norm.

    Certainly there are other reasons too numerous for me to post here.

    All in all, this post of mine and articles written about 8 are opinions. Most posts and articles are based on opinions and not on facts.

    Just some of my thoughts and as Paul Harvey would say > Good day!
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    From what I have read so far 8.1 will be offered free through the Store for 8 users. I believe this will be an update just like a SP. When it goes RTM I am sure they will release a full version just like they did with Windows 7 SP1. But that version will not be free.

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Is 8.1 replacing 8?
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