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Dual Boot Windows 8 and Windows 8

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    Dual Boot Windows 8 and Windows 8

    I have read many duel boot posts around the net, the problem is no-one is doing this. They are all using a different OS as the second option. I have installed two windows 8 on two separate hard drives. (Both are fully activated and legal). I can choose what OS to boot to if I press F8 and bring up the BIOS boot option. I would like the new windows 8 GUI boot selector. I've tried many things to no avail

    Some additional info
    On the OS's if I go into the system and select the boot tab it only shows one OS not 2
    I put in the win disk expecting to get a choice of which HD to work with but it just said Windows 8 so I wouldn't know what disk I would be working on. I was going to try a boot repair on the 2nd installed.
    I disconnected the Win 8 upgrade from Vista Hd when installing 2nd then reconnected and activated 2nd with all hd's present.
    As far as using them is concerned they work fine, the reason I've done this is I want one for all my computing needs and a second bare bones no frills to run recording studio. Only problem encountered with running is for some reason studio windows 8 can't see my DVD drive, I need to get that sorted and they are both running sweet. First has all software installed.
    Any suggestions would be great as Its bugging me

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    The fast and easiest way is to use Easybcd

    You can have different name of Win8 when boot say

    Win8 Computing
    Win8 Studio

    It's easy to use nomatter add OS , iso , vhd ....
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    Thats what I did with 2 versions of Windows 7 - But you can simply edit the Boot.Ini of the first drive in the chain to use the customised OS descriptions. Windows 8 does not have this, but you can use EasyBCD or Windows 8 Manager to customise the boot. Windows 8 hides this info somewhere, it does not use Boot.ini unless it is hidden somewhere rather than in the root directory like Windows 7 has it.
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    I think the easiest solution is simply virtualize the recording OS in a virtual machine, an OS within an OS. But the thing with that is is that it probably might not yield the best performance unless of course, you tell us your PC's technical specs.

    You can dual boot Windows 8 with Windows 8, I've done this before with the RTM trial and a previous version of Windows 8.

    The other suggestion as someone posted, use EasyBCD to edit the boot records.
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    Thank's for the input. Apart from the studio one not seeing the DVD drive - which I will need to sort - they are both working very well. It's just the one doesn't seem to know there is another present and all the duel boot items I've read say in the boot tab the OS loaded would be top reading current and the other listed below it. In mine it's one single OS and I thought that strange. I looked at the BCD but it seemed to be based around Vista and my system was pretty reluctant to download it. - could be Kaspersky - I just wanted the win 8 GUI at start up and it seems strange it hasn't appeared when there are two OS. The PC is Asus P6T deluxe v2 i7 920 12GB Ram 2 ATI cards running 3 monitors and a 32inch flat screen. I use Cubase 7 and Wavelab so I would want to stay with hardware windows I think it would give better latency in the recording.
    I think my main question would be why did the GUI not appear. I upgraded vista ultimate with the upgrade disk but keeping nothing and then bought a new HD and an OEM windows pro when I did the oem installation I had the other HD's un plugged I don't know if that would make any difference.
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    Windows 8 & Windows 7 Dual Boot

    When you installed the second windows 8 did you disconnect the harddrive to your first windows 8??

    When you install multiple windows OS they must all be connected for it to properly write the boot manager.

    It can only write what it sees during installation, You should label your partitions so that you know which is which.

    You can name them Windows 8 home & Windows 8 Work, etc.... so that when you have to do anything partition related such as installing a new OS you know which is which..

    As ALLGAMES71 stated, easybcd will repair your boot, however the current version that ive seen will use the previous Win 7 text boot options menu, and not the pretty Win 8 gui, but other than that it will work exactly the same...
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    Hi,Thanks for all your input. Downloaded EasyBCD and added the second Windows 8 to the boot. Now when I boot I have the choice windows 8 and Studio Windows 8. Outstanding.
    As a by the way solved the DVD problem. I switched the SATA cable with a storage Hard drive and boom all drives and DVDs show up. Don't ask my why it worked I don't even want to know it just did.
    Thanks again.
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Dual Boot Windows 8 and Windows 8
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