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Downloading photos

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    Downloading photos


    Thanks to those that have been helping me so far with my Windows 8 problems. But unfortunately they still go on......

    Can anyone please tell me how to easily and quickly download selected photos from my camera. When I tried it was taking forever as the system seemed to be going through opening every single photo on my camera and I gave up waiting. I just want to be able to download the latest ones not all of the ones I have on my camera.

    Thanks again!

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    Install the free Picasa from google and use that to manage and transfer selected photos from your camera to the PC.

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    Thanks but I already have Picasa installed and that doesn't seem to help. Any other suggestions please?
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    That is what I use. I can select what pictures I want from my Nikon coolpix camera.

    Most camera companies supply a program to transfer pictures from their camera to the PC. Have you tried your camera vendor's program?
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    Hmm, not sure about that. It was just easy and obvious on my old pc but less so on this new OS. I guess I'll just have to look into it a bit more.


    I do like the way you can get almost instant answers to questions on this forum - as I do seem to have a lot of questions since getting Windows 8!
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    Usually, you plug the camer in and it finds the Camera and brings up an Explorer from which you can choose to move the photos in, or even import them with tags and such.

    Try Windows Live Photo Gallery which is usually tied to Windows Movie Maker 2012, you install Movie Maker, it installs the Photo Gallery. It's pretty decent.
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    Go to Control Panel - Auto Play and set Camera Storage (Memory Card) to "take no action" and then plug in your camera. My camera will mount as a drive letter and then I can access it with File Explorer. I also have a card reader and can just use the memory card from the camera.

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    Photo Viewer Solved this for Me

    Both my husband & I upgraded to Windows 8. He screamed to high heaven about not being able to deal with his photos. Since we both use Start8 and boot directly to the desktop I downloaded Windows Live Essentials. We use its Photo Viewer to deal with our photos and Live Mail for our email. Works just like it did in Windows 7..
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Downloading photos
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