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resizing windows

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    If you read his first post it states that he's using "retroUI" and seems to be a function of the app. Runs metro apps in a window similar to Stardocks Modern MIx and gives a hint to press F12 to re-size the window.

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    Thanks for pointing that out, jladwig. :thumbup:

    My mistake and sincere apology that I overlooked that.

    I'll have to bow out since I don't use such software. I'm quite sure someone will come along to help that does.

    Good luck to you.
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    Try re-installing that program, it works OK but I don't like any third party programs to use windows 8, you may have installed some security programs attached to the installer, do the custom install and untick unnecessary programs installing.
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    i had thinix retroUI installed. as it works fine on the desktop it doesn't seem to work on the laptop. i removed the retroui and everything seems o be back to normal. windows 8 is back to its normal un-user friendly appearance.. ill just have to work out where everything is and how to use this POS
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    Try Classic Shell.

    Welcome to Classic Shell
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    there is no third party anything attached. im using it on my desktop and received no such issues.
    do most of you guys just use craptroui as it is?
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    ive used classic shell as well, retroui was better
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    Quote Originally Posted by winterknights View Post
    there is no third party anything attached. im using it on my desktop and received no such issues.
    do most of you guys just use craptroui as it is?
    My installer asked my permission for installation of Zone alarm, Top Arcade Hits and wajam.
    Click image for larger version
    Click image for larger version
    Click image for larger version
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    well i can assure you, there is no zone alarm on the pc.
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    Hi there
    I'd wait until Windows 8.1 is out before installing all these 3rd party add ons like classic shell, Start 8, Stardock etc. A lot will probably have to be re-written to make them work again - and some might be redundant in any case.

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resizing windows
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