Hello again!

First of all, sorry if this isn't the correct area for this topic. I'm not even sure if I should've posted it in the Windows 8 area, but I hope I will be forgiven if it's a mistake and that a moderator can move it in the proper area.

Now to the problem:

Starting like two weeks ago (I really can't be exactly sure about a start-day) I started getting the next message:
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The Windows is installed since november `12.

Although I fixed my hibernation/sleep problem a week ago (Driver_power_state_failure ), this is annoying.

I'm getting it randomly, not every startup, but once in 2-3.
The thing is the SMART values seem normal anywhere I look. I also checked the HDD for errors in HDTune (full scan) and nothing was reported. The values from a (read) Benchmark in HDTune are also perfectly normal. The HDD also seems to work fine, nothing weird (ok, it's not as fast and responsive like when it was new, but hey, it's a Hard Disk and it's 4 and a half years old! I'm actually proud of this little guy).
(the ULTRA DMA CRC ERROR COUNT has the value '3', unchanged, for more than 3 years; I read it's nothing to be scared about, that there was once a communication problem with the HDD and that 3 will remain there forever; as long as it doesn't increase, I'm safe; and it hasn't)
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Is there any way to check for more problems (maybe you know a specific software or you can tell me what to run so it can be determined why Windows pops up this error)?

*I was actually expecting Windows to scream about my secondary HDD, which is a 2.5" laptop Western Digital full of problems. But after some error scans I determined that the last part of it is clean so I have a 100GB partition that works perfectly, made from the last 100GB of the HDD (not sure if it's normal tech explanations, but you get the point). I could probably make more small partitions but it's not worth the time. As you can see, this one is pretty damaged and no zero fills or regenerations could save it.
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