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Windows 8 Actually Sucks.

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    Windows 8 Actually Sucks.


    I don't know why it's taken me so long to realise this, but windows 8 is shit. I bought this laptop with windows 8 already installed and so far pretty much everything I have wanted to has not worked efficiently like it would have in windows 7 or even XP. There aren't even any solutions to problems I have been experiencing, even after many months posting on various forums. The fault is not of the laptop itself (even so, it's too late to return it now). The laptop is good, its just this OS. So basically I need a way to revert back to windows 7 from this all mighty piece of shit. Is this possible? If it's not then that's bullshit.

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    Unfortunately, while we understand your frustration, posts like the above won't garner too much help from most people.

    Based on your posts here, it seems most issues have been around networking?

    Your downgrade rights will depend upon the OS installed. If you have Windows 8 PRO, then you have a downgrade path. If you are on standard Windows 8, you don't. You are expected to purchase another license.
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    Apologies for the anger, I've just been through a long string of failures trying to get things to work. I'm fairly certain I have windows 8 pro edition I know have 64. bit, is there any way of checking ?
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    Right click on Computer, properties. The Windows edition is listed right at the top. It will say "Windows 8" or "Windows 8 Pro".
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    Ahh well I have the standard edition. Life sucks.
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Do you have a Windows 7 install disk? Download Hiren's Boot CD from the link in my sig - Boot from it and go into Mini XP.

    Use that to move your personal files elsewhere on the disk, then delete your Windows and Users folders and also your Program files folder - You don't have to wipe the whole drive, unless you want to, but if that is the case, move your files to a USB drive.

    Then install Windows 7 - It's as simple as that, it should be, unless your Windows 8 is connected to your BIOS and you cant get into the BIOS from an F key - If that is the case, you will have to tell it to allow access from an F key. Some of the others in here are more familiar with how to do that, I'm sorry I don't know how - Yet.
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    Ahh okay thank-you, I don't have the windows 7 installation disc right now but I'm sure I could purchase one from somewhere.
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    It took me several months to work out the kinks in W8 to get it to where I wanted it which was a Windows7 type interface with start button and menu with the tiles never to be seen. Why don't you describe your problems here and see if the people here can work you through the issues. Once it is set up right it does have some advantages over Windows 7.
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    I am afraid you will need to buy a win 7 license. It sucks because you already paid for a win 8 license.

    BT Business Direct - Microsoft Windows 7 Professional w/SP1 - Licence and media - 1 PC - OEM - DVD - 64-bit - English (FQC-04649)

    It is very likely cheaper in the US.

    WIN 7 Home Premium and WIN 7 Pro on this page Best Sellers: Best Software
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    Okay, for me the problems with windows 8 aren't the aesthetics or the layout. To be honest even though it's not favourable I've got used to the start menu and other changes in windows 8. The main problem I face with this OS is the fact I can no longer successfully share internet from my 3G dongle to play Xbox live, like I was able to with windows 7.
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Windows 8 Actually Sucks.
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