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Anyone with a single boot SSD on UEFI tests if win8 really boots fast?

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    Anyone with a single boot SSD on UEFI tests if win8 really boots fast?

    Okay, so I was interested to test out Win 8's boot time from "shutdown" (it's in quotes because if I remember it right, its shutdown is a complex hybrid with hibernation and a shutdown) to startup.

    What I'm curious is though, has anyone with an SDD and UEFI tried it out to see if they achieved that 10 second boot in that MS video?

    On the other note, I took a video of it booting on a regular HDD on an Asus G73SW. What do you think?


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    Looks the same as mine but I have found it's not really completely loaded at Start Up as it takes another 45 seconds or so for my task-bar icons to show up on my other monitors (Win Explorer, Fx Nightly and Outlook 2010).

    Still, I can launch a Metro App straight away.

    Hey, MS is working on it, I figure (hope) it will get better.
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    Ah, thanks on the input! I should've looked further to see if MS was trying to disguise loading of normal Windows with the Metro UI.

    I think it'll get better. We are, after all, pretty much in alpha right?
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    These are my boot times, Desktop with regular 5400rpm HDD(dual boot with vista) and the laptop with ssd(single boot).
    MOV1C7 - YouTube
    MOV1CA - YouTube
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    Woah nice boot time on the laptop. I knew dual-booting made it slower!! Hella slower--15 second slower lol. Either way, Win 8 does boot fast from a shutdown. One thing I noticed though, it "shutdowns" differently on a restart. I'm guessing it's performing an actual full one since it takes longer to start up.
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    @arkhi I have an acer iconia w500. The SSD is not state of the art and ram only 2Gb. Cold boot to password screen takes 12 seconds! i am thrilled. MS really did a good job. Its extremely snappy.
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Anyone with a single boot SSD on UEFI tests if win8 really boots fast?
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