I've been using Windows 8 mostly on the desktop, and it works as good (if not
better) than any older version of Windows, but lately I've been using the ''metro/
modern'' apps for a change to see how life would be with a Windows RT-device,
the result was a bit surprising.

Click image for larger version

Half of the time I use these desktop-apps (or programs as they used to call 'em
back in the day) and the other half I'm just curious to the ''modern'' apps, but
I started reading about Windows RT and how most Tablet-P.C.'s with Windows RT
feature an ''inferior'' O.S. that is not a real Windows, and using the Windows Store
most good apps are pre-installed Microsoft applications (featured next to their
Desktop equalivants), and the Windows Store is being ''PUMPED-UP'' with bloatware,
cloneware, clones, clones and even more clones (despite Microsoft's policies against
this), so the Windows Store's apps are even more useless than ANY other.

My solution, going on Internet Explorer, I've used Internet Explorer for a few hours, and
I've found that for almost every ''useful'' app that iO.S. or Android has to offer, there's
an online site that offers the same service of the same quality, you don't even need
the Windows Store, all you do is pin these sites to your start-screen and they look and
feel like a ''regular'' Windows 8-app.

Click image for larger version

Now to the Netbook part, Netbooks are often regarded as cheaper and less useful types
of notebooks/laptops, and I personally have never used one longer than a month, but most
of my colleagues love them. Of course the big disadvantage to using all these ''pinned services''
is that you need an internet connection, and I've done all of this from a full Laptop/Notebook
running Windows 8, but I've avoided the desktop as if it was a Windows R.T. device, and theonly time I've used the desktop was when I used Microsoft Paint to make these screenshots.

What do you think? is Windows RT fit for a netbook or should the superior Windows 8 just be
the only player?