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Change Start Menu Item Sizes Without Effecting Desktop?

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    Change Start Menu Item Sizes Without Effecting Desktop?

    is it possible to change the start menu's font size and/or tile size without impacting the desktop's icon and text size? from what i can tell the "make text and other items larger/smaller" is global, i.e. it can't be used independently in terms of the start menu and desktop...

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    Hello Robert,

    There are two settings for this.

    DPI (Make text and other items larger or smaller) is only for desktop screens.

    "Make everything on your screen bigger" is for only all Metro screens. You can use this option for your Start screen without affecting the desktop.

    Hope this helps,
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    I'm not sure if this helps but I keep the default 100% as I am on a 10.1 inch tablet and I use the option called "Change only the Text Size." It has a drop down box that allows you to change font sizes for various items such as Title Bars, Menus, Message Boxes, etc... You can also click on Bold if you like and then hit Apply.

    Advanced Appearance Settings - Change Text Size for Items in Windows 8

    But for me I have to do it twice for some reason. For instance I click on Menus and it is set to font size of 9 so I drag the slider to say 12 and click the box that says Bold and click the box that says Apply. The screen refreshes and it shows a font size of 9 and no bold so I do it a 2nd time and it works. I then repeat the same process for all items that I want changed.
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    man, mud on my face, so simple, thanks very much shawn...
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    You're most welcome Robert. Glad it could help.
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Change Start Menu Item Sizes Without Effecting Desktop?
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