Okay so I want FULL administrative control over all files and EVERYTHING on my computer.

I am sick and tired of sseing this "access is denied" message every ****ing time I try to edit a file in one of my programs.

I am the sole user and proprietor of my PC. Why does Windows keep thinking I am an intruder? I am sick of this bullshit. Allow me to change whatever the **** I want.

There is a file in (x86) I need to modify values in, and Windows doesen't think I have the rights to do so. I am really ****ing fed up with this crap.

I am the Administrator on my computer. I want Windows to notify me when a program tries to change settings on its own... yet every time I try to voluntarily change a file MYSELF, I am met with this inane message. WTF is going on?????!?!?!

I want Windows to let me know when a Program is attempting to change files before my allowance, but at the same time Windows is barring me form changing files deliberately by myself? This is absurd....

Usually it will pop up with a dialogue box and an option requiring ADMIN permission to change... that is what I have done in the past. Now it just says "access is denied"

What a ****load of ****

Somebody tell me what to do, please...