Hey everyone new to the forum and to Windows 8. Even though there are some bumps along the road I'm pretty impressed and liking some of the new changes to the W8.

However, I have a few questions/issues with the calendar

Now I'm sure this first one is just user error because I'm still fresh and new to w8. I have all the Us holidays loaded into my calendar on the main user profile. And man do I love that! But I created a second user for my wife, and she has no holidays and the option to select it isn't even there for her. Is there something I'm doing wrong? How do I get the US holidays onto her calendar as well? Thanks in advance for your help.

Also, a few other things I noticed that, maybe I'm doing wrong, or maybe it's something that windows should address in a future update:
-If multiple users are on same computer and I create an event I would like to share with my wife for her calendar under her username w/ a simple process. Seeing that they are on the same computer they should be able to just quickly share it to the other user. instead you have to send an email to only their outlook email (e-mailing it to gmail or any other account would turn it into an .ics file and useable by w8 calendar) in order to accept and add it to your calendar. should be a simple click n share option. same goes for apps and such. should be able to just click and share it over to the other user simple as pie. instead of going roundabout way with having to send an email, then click on the link takes you to a windows 8 web page, then click again to reroute you to the store to finally download the app that is "ON" the computer but just not on "her" user account

Thanks for all your help and input.