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The Long Journey

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    The Long Journey

    I've been on a trip around the OS world, going back and forth a few times between WinXP, Linux Mint, WinVista, Win7, and Win8. I've gathered what seems to be a fair comparison between all of them, so if you have similar computer specs to mine this may help.

    Now I threw in Linux Mint so you can get some feedback of what the linux world is up to, but I am a gamer so my expeirence was not very pleasing. No matter what I did nothing gave me the performance of running windows for gaming. Wine 1.5 was okay but not cutting edge enough to push more demanding games like windows does. The linux system is complex and easy to break. If you don't know somewhat of how linux works then you could get lost in settings and commands. Linux Mint resembles Windows 7 with its Aero Glass KDE desktop and fancey gadgets, but underneath it is complex and very easy mess up.

    Anyway enough with linux, maybe someday it will have enough compatibility to gain more users which is very possible. But onto Windows Xp, This system performs very well for its age, runs games nice for only having Directx 9. And is very speedy on modern hardware. It becomes troublesome because its good for what it is, Xp has no new improvements done to it since 2003 or so. Thats okay if you have an older system and can't run anything newer. So XP isn't all that bad for what it is.

    Windows Vista, A system suceeded by Windows 7. Some users find Vista runs just fine for them and I have no beef on that. On my system it was slower at updates and tasks, and used more ram. Windows 7 was a nice OS, It worked fine for me but one game I have did not like Win7 and had choppy playback, So I upgraded to Win8.

    When Windows 8 first came out people loved it, now all I see on the web is people complaining and saying Win7 is better. IMO Windows 8 saved me from the nightmare of finding an OS that makes all my games and software work. I put the sidebar back from Win7, I used msfn's Aero Glass tool to bring glass effect back. And have updated Win8 all the way. I find it to be the best, fastest OS by microsoft for computers like mine. Anyway I just posted this to share my journey and inform some people of just how fustrating Os's can be when it comes to finding the perfect one for you. We all hate having to trouble shoot problems, it can be a real headache. If anyone is lost out there on what to try, get Windows 8 and fine tune it to your likings, if it runs good on your system then I'd just stick with it.

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    Ah c'mon, fess up. You're really Steve Ballmer.
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    I am not a gamer, so can't comment on that aspect.

    My experience with linux (ubuntu and mint ) has been very good. Everything works out of the box. Haven't managed to break anything yet. Fast and Efficient.I don't think most people will need to go near terminal. If you want to do some extra tweaking - then you might, but one also has to do that in windows.

    When Windows 8 first came out people loved it, now all I see on the web is people complaining and saying Win7 is better
    There were plenty of concerns about 8 before it was released. If there are more now - that may be because more people have been exposed to it.

    If it suits you, fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jf1450 View Post
    Ah c'mon, fess up. You're really Steve Ballmer.
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    Use VMware (or similar VM manager) to run a Windows VM on Linux Mint (don't bother with Wine).
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    Games?????? That's what Win 8 was designed for.
    Try using it for work and see what everybody means.
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The Long Journey
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