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    The Contemplator
    Doncaster, UK
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    Windows 8.1 Pro RTM x64

    Start Button

    Anyone else noticed that the Start Button occasionally stops functioning correctly and that a log-off or reboot is required to restore its operational status?

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    Suffolk, UK
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    Win 8 pro X64

    No problems with anything? I thought I would get bsod and reboots/ crashes. This is most unusual for me?
    I can only put the reliability down to a new ssd drive?!
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    Windows 8 Developer Preview x64

    Haven't had any problems with Start button at all.
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    Sometimes, Search fails to respond for me but with the second attempt it's working.
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    There are quite a few things including the start menu that randomly freeze and/or stop functioning requiring a reboot, yes. Buggy build is buggy.
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    Windows 8 Pro Pack

    Haven't had any problems with the Start button. But when my mouse hits the left side of the screen, everything freezes. Usually lasts for about 15 seconds, sometimes longer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwarf View Post
    Anyone else noticed that the Start Button occasionally stops functioning correctly and that a log-off or reboot is required to restore its operational status?
    Yep, a little annoying too.
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    Windows 7 64x Enterprise

    It occasionally has seizures.Tourette syndrome perhaps? Yeah it's annoying but like some others have said guys this is still a baby
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    Hmm no issues on this end other than an occasional Bsod or lockup in the beginning. But I came to realize it was the Nvidia video card installed in the system. Downloading and installing the 64bit 7 driver for the card ceased that altogether.

    I guess I'll consider myself fortunate and shut up, before I curse myself .
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    I downloaded something called classic start menu and it fixed it... But try going to the bottom left corner of the start icon. Does that help at all?
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Start Button
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